Coupons and specials offered by stores

Shoppers looking for unique gifts for the holidays are being encouraged to patronize the local independent shops in the Hilltop Campus Village. Coupons and itemized specials will be available on Saturday November 25.

Stores throughout the Hilltop district as varied as Estate Resale Shop, Greatest Grains, Donuts n More, Photofrog, Superstars and Superheroes and Zeke’s Island Café are among the many that will be taking coupons as Hilltop Campus Village “currency” to be used to discount of goods and services. Other stores will be celebrating with specials of their own; some will be doing both.

“This time of year is often a make-or-break for independent local stores, says Kelly Wallace, co-owner of Estate Resale at 1326 Brady Street. “We want to have shoppers out there looking for goods they may not be able to find at chain stores. This gives people an additional reason to, as we say, Stop and Shop in the Hilltop”.

Jason Stewart a.k.a. Chef Stu at Zeke’s Island Café, agrees. “We have seen an uptick in business here, as people decide to spend more time and money in the area. They can choose where to eat breakfast or lunch, and then look at the shops along Brady and Harrison for stuff you cannot find anywhere else.”

Volunteers from the Hilltop Campus Village will be distributing coupons to shoppers from the Harrison Loft commercial space at 1420 Harrison Street. “We are trying to keep it simple”, offered Chris Meyer, HCV Promotion Work Group co-chair. “Each person coming in can receive a coupon worth $5. They use it to buy at a store in the Hilltop, give the coupon to the person at the store, who then can return it for cash after the sale. Coupons are identified to avoid duplication, and available from the Harrison Loft space on a first-come, first-serve basis.”

A list of the shops participating in the Saturday-only event will be available at the 1420 Harrison Street location.

“The Hilltop Campus Village district provides offerings for the holidays you simply cannot find anywhere else,” added HCV Director Scott Tunnicliff, “and we want to help more shoppers make this season special”. For additional information, contact the Hilltop Campus Village office, 122 E. 15th Street,

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