Des Moines, IA – Today, following Senator Bill Dix's refusal to release the findings of an internal investigation in to allegations of rampant sexual harassment in the State Capitol, the Iowa Democratic Party is calling for accountability.

“From the very beginning of this scandal nearly four years ago, Bill Dix has consistently blocked any attempt to find out more about the sexual harassment allegations in the GOP Senate Caucus, and refusing to release this report is only the latest in a long series of efforts to protect those who sexually harass co-workers over those who have been harassed.  Not only that, Dix’s complete mismanagement of the situation is costing taxpayers at least $1.75 million in the middle of a budget crisis. This is why we have long called for Bill Dix to step down. His lack of judgement and moral character disqualify him from being the Senate Leader," said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.
"It is our hope that Kim Reynolds finally chooses to lead on this issue and joins those asking for Bill Dix to resign, just as her Republican Colleague in Kentucky did when similar allegations came forward in his GOP House Caucus. The fact is, the Republican Party is facing a moral crisis with the continued allegations of sexual misconduct here and around the country. It is time for GOP leaders in Iowa to decide what side of history they want to be on - the side of politics or the side of the people." 


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