IOWA CITY, IOWA (August 6, 2019) — The Iowa Poetry Association will soon release its 74th edition of "Lyrical Iowa," the annual anthology comprised of poems by Iowa writers of all ages. According to Editor Marilyn Baszczynski, this year's volume contains 381 poems chosen from 1,845 entries in their contest held earlier this year. Entries came from 77 of Iowa's 99 counties, sent by persons ranging in age from kindergartners to near-centenarians in well over one hundred cities and towns. (See the list of contest winners below, which also includes a listing by county of winners and poets to be published in this year's anthology.)  The Iowa Poetry Association has over 350 members across the state, but membership is not a requirement for having poetry included in the anthology. Besides those awarded cash prizes for top-ranking poems in each category and age-level, many others are showcased in this perfect-bound 178-page book with a full-color cover. The not-for-profit organization's stated purpose is "to promote interest in and appreciation of poetry among Iowans" and to encourage and improve the art of self-expression through verse of varied styles. Within the pages of this year's "Lyrical Iowa," readers can explore a five-year-old's dreams of riding a rocket to the sky, or a 95-year-old's assurance of love's triumph over time. Other poems call on readers to writhe with animals through paintings, or maybe race with them across Iowa landscapes; they lament loss, replenish hope, give voice to what is not easily shared. Readers are invited to enter into their stories.  Association board officers are: Jerrold J Narland of Winterset, president; Max Molleston of Coralville, 1st vice-president; Maxine Carlson of Iowa City, 2nd vice-president and historian; Margaret Westvold of Ames, secretary; Linda S Harris of Altoona, Treasurer; Shelly Reed Thieman of West Des Moines as communications officer; and Marilyn J Baszczynski of Earlham as Editor and Contest Chair.  For the Lyrical Iowa Competition 2020, entries may be sent January 1-February 28, 2020. Please consult the complete contest rules for adult, college, high-school, and grade-school entries on our website at The contest will be announced in all print newspapers in January and a direct mailing is being sent to public and private schools across the state. There is no entry fee and modest cash prizes are offered.  While the supply lasts, books may be ordered from the editor. Cost is $10 per copy, postpaid, to anywhere in the United States. Books from some previous years are also available. See our website for more info or contact the Editor at  The Iowa Poetry Association will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary in October 2020 with events planned in Des Moines for the weekend of October 17-18, 2020; a special category will also be added in the adult contests with an anniversary theme and cash award. Details will be announced Oct. 1, 2019 on our website at Winners of LYRICAL IOWA COMPETITION 2019 ADULT CONTEST RESULTS; GENERAL: JUDGE: William Reyer, Tiffin, OH (865 entries) 1st — Delia Ralston; Waterloo 2nd — Allison Boyd Justus; Ames 3rd — Robin Sprafka; Winterset 1st HM — Dick Stahl; Davenport 2nd HM — Kelly Clute; Center Point 3rd HM — Margaret Flint Suter: Hampton SPECIAL AWARD FIRST-TIME ENTRANT: Crystal Stone; Ames SONNETS: JUDGE: Ralph Speer, Colbert WA (45 entries) 1st — Allison Berryhill; Atlantic 2nd — Betty Taylor; Hartley 3rd — Linda Wolfe; Greenfield 1st HM — Laura Sohl-Cryer; Cedar Falls 2nd HM — Lori Shannon; Manning 3rd HM — Christine Brink; Dow City HAIKU: JUDGE: Stan Malless, Murphy, NC (137 entries) 1st — Dennis Maulsby; Ames 2nd — Richard Ramsey; Des Moines 3rd — Joanne D Schar; Spencer 1st HM — Tracy Eden; Iowa City 2nd HM — Elizabeth Spratt; Oelwein 3rd HM — Shirley Hilton; Cedar Rapids NATIONAL/WORLD EVENTS: JUDGE: Ann Gasser, West Reading, PA (35 entries) 1st — Jeffrey Meyer; Mount Pleasant 2nd — Joe Millard; Waukee 3rd — Jan Blankenburg; Donnellson 1st HM — Phyllis IT Harris; Ames 2nd HM — Ramona Morse; Osage 3rd HM — Gene M Rohr; Grinnell GRETCHEN FOSKET MEMORIAL AWARD: Joyce Allen — Ankeny FOR CHILDREN: JUDGE: Lisa Toth Salinas, Spring, TX  (60 entries) 1st — Alanna Clutter; Des Moines 2nd — Dale Netherton; Farmington 3rd — Kathleen Hart; Fort Madison 1st HM — Laura A Thompson; Postville 2nd HM — Lindsey Smith; West Des Moines 3rd HM — Cleo McKim; Mount Pleasant

HUMOROUS: JUDGE: Ann Gasser, West Reading, PA (38 entries) 1st — Jo Ann Benda; Iowa City 2nd — Sandra Conner Ladegaard; Arnolds Park 3rd — Mary Jedlicka Humston; Iowa City 1st HM — Mary Bolin; Ankeny 2nd HM — Helen J Thoen; Manly 3rd HM — Marylyn Gillespie; Lake City SCHOOL DIVISION RESULTS: COLLEGE: JUDGE: S Stephanie, Rollinsford, NH (50 entries) 1st — Albie Nicol, Cedar Falls, IA, UNI 2nd — Anneke Wind, Johnstown, CO, Dordt College 3rd — Anneliese Donstad, Tomball, TX, Dordt College 1st HM — Katie Bousema, Escondido, CA, Dordt College 2nd HM — Hannah Adams, Sheboygan, WI, Dordt College 3rd HM — Erika Buiter, Ireton, IA, Dordt College HIGH SCHOOL: JUDGE: Nynke Passi, Fairfield, IA (251 entries) 1st — Katelyn Donnelly, Gr 12, Shenandoah HS 2nd — Kaua'i Cua, Gr 9, Valley Southwoods, WDM 3rd — Skyler Freeman, Gr 11, Boyer Valley HS, Dunlap 1st HM — Richard Hu, Gr 11, St. Albert, Council Bluffs 2nd HM — Tabetha DeGroot, Gr 12, Faith Christian Home School, Sioux Center 3rd HM — Ashleigh Manders, Gr 9, Prairie Point MS, Cedar Rapids UPPER GRADES (6-8): JUDGE: Budd Powell Mahan, Dallas TX (257 entries) 1st — Kira Taylor, Gr 7, South Middle School, Waukee 2nd — Hunter Shipley, Gr 8, Burlington Notre Dame, Burlington 3rd — Lily Hofman, Gr 8, Sanborn Christian, Sanborn 1st HM — Miya Krueger, Gr 5, Sawyer Elementary, Ames 2nd HM — Ian Williamson, Gr 5, Sawyer Elementary, Ames 3rd HM — Sam Hostetter, Gr 5, Edwards Elementary, Ames  LOWER GRADES (K-5): JUDGE: Budd Powell Mahan, Dallas TX (97 entries) 1st — Kyros Yuefan Wu, Gr 3, Van Allen Elementary, North Liberty 2nd — Conor McMahon, Gr 4, Jordan Creek, WDM 3rd — Zaylin Harden-Barrow, Gr 3, Edwards Elementary, Ames 1st HM — Brendan Stanley, Gr 3, Edwards Elementary, Ames 2nd HM — Corwyn Evans, Gr 3, Edwards Elementary, Ames 3rd HM — Allison Roman Reseniz, Gr 2, Rolling Green Elementary, Urbandale Some student poems entered in the 2019 contest will be selected to be sent to next year's National Student Award. Iowa Poetry Association — Lyrical Iowa Competition 2019 — Counties  ADAIR: Linda Wolfe, Greenfield — 3rd Place — Sonnets ALLAMAKEE: Mark Armstrong, Waukon; Laura A Thompson, Postville — 1st HM — Poems for Children BENTON: Jan Logan. Van Horne BLACK HAWK: Janine Ambrose, Waterloo; Betsy Brant, Cedar Falls; Barbara Cardamon, Cedar Falls; Brianna Carter, Cedar Falls; Kass Harper, Cedar Falls; Lori C Harris, Cedar Falls; Susan Klein, Waterloo; Anna Nicholas, Cedar Falls; Nolan D Nickerson, Cedar Falls; Lauren Petri, Cedar Falls; Delia Ralston, Waterloo — 1st Place — Adult General; Laura Sohl-Cryer, Cedar Falls — 1st HM — Sonnets; Cory B Taylor, Cedar Falls; Del Todey Turner, Waterloo; Barbara Brooks Wheeler, Cedar Falls SCHOOL: Albie Nicol, 1st Place - College, UNI, Cedar Falls BOONE: Dorothy E Glad, Boone; Angela Olney, Boone; Gabriella Piconi, Boone BREMER: Bill Haywood, Janesville; Jill Lockey, Janesville BUCHANAN: Lila L Anderson, Independence; Michael Andorf, Brandon;  Anthony A Bengston, Independence; Michael Fischels, Independence; Myrna Sandvik, Brandon; Lisa Ross Thedens, Walker BUENA VISTA: Patricia Kearney Moe, Albert City BUTLER: Valrie Schuster, Shell Rock CALHOUN: Marylyn L. Gillespie, Lake City — 3rd HM — Humorous Verse CARROLL: Glen Braddy, Carroll; Lori Shannon, Manning — 2nd HM — Sonnets; Bill Simmons, Carroll CASS: Allison Berryhill, Atlantic — 1st Place Sonnets; Floyd Pearce, Cumberland; Alma Tallman, Atlantic CEDAR: Sandra L Green, Tipton CERRO GORDO: Karen Carr, Carole Pannhoff, and Rick Sears, all of Mason City CHEROKEE: Catherine Dix Bonham, Aurelia; Tyler Hahn, Cherokee SCHOOL: Gracelyn Cottingham, 3rd gr, Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn School, Marcus CLARKE: Ellen G Danner, Woodburn; Beverly Mattix Green, Murray CLAY: Dixie Kanago, Spencer; Carol B. McMullen, Webb; Jan Myers, Spencer; Joanne Dyhrkopp Schar, Spencer — 3rd Place — Haiku; Nancy Parliman Schoenewe, Spencer CLAYTON: LaVonne Augustson, Elkader; Lee L. Gordon, Marquette CLINTON: Shea Doyle, DeWitt; Paul Durdan, Camanche; David Hasenmiller, DeWitt; Audrey Mueller, DeWitt; Jill ZImmerman, DeWitt CRAWFORD: Christine Brink, Dow City — 3rd HM — Sonnets; Susan Ferry Osland, Mannila DALLAS: Edy Fudge, Clive; Sean McMahon, Cumming; Joe Millard, Waukee — 2nd Place — National/World Events; Mary Sue Moss, Dallas Center; Donnella Moss, Adel; Rita F. Reed, Waukee SCHOOL: Kira Taylor — 1st Place — Upper Grades, 7th gr, South Middle School, Waukee DELAWARE: Rita Lewin, Manchester DES MOINES: Kathy Geren Christy, West Burlington; Justin Curran, Burlington; Ronald Kahl, Burlington; Rodney Reeves, Burlington SCHOOL: Hunter Shipley — 2nd Place — Upper Grades; Nathan Edwards, and Tianna Lovell, all in 8th gr, Burlington Notre Dame, Burlington DICKINSON: Roger Brockshus, Spirit Lake; Sandra Conner Ladegaard, Arnolds Park — 2nd Place — Humorous Verse; Terry Overocker, Milford; Madison Vos, Spirit Lake DUBUQUE: William Dall, Dubuque; Linda Dolphin, Dubuque; Robert M. Hinnen, Dubuque;  Robert Shaw, Dubuque; Laura Willging, Dubuque SCHOOL: Ashley Kochuyt, Clarke University, Dubuque; Megan Kaufmann, 12th gr, Hempstead HS, Dubuque FAYETTE: Mary Jane Lamphier, Arlington; Paul C. Sabelka, West Union; Elizabeth Spratt, Oelwein — 2nd HM — Haiku; Ron E Squires, Oelwein FLOYD: Patricia A Huxsol, Charles City; Jed Magee, Charles City FRANKLIN: Kerrin Roelfsema Jass, Iowa Falls; Melba Muhlenbruch, Hampton; Margaret Flint Suter, Hampton — 3rd HM — Adult General FREMONT: Kim Dovel, Hamburg GREENE: Nancy Hanaman, Rippey; Hollie Roberts, Jefferson; Jerry Roberts, Jefferson GRUNDY: Jean M Evans, Grundy Center; LeAnnHoeg, Grundy Center SCHOOL: Autumn Schlichtmann, 10th gr, Gladbrook-Reinbeck HS, Reinbeck GUTHRIE: Margery L Watts, Stuart; Norman Wolfe, Stuart HAMILTON: Margot Conard, Stratford HARDIN: Lynn Kramer, Iowa Falls; Bailey Primus, Steamboat Rock; Kathryn Jons Roelfsema, Iowa Falls HARRISON: SCHOOL: Skyler Freeman, 3rd Place — High School, 11th gr, Boyer Valley HS, Dunlap HENRY: Thomas Case, Mount Pleasant; Cleo McKim, Mount Pleasant — 3rd HM — Poems For Children; Jeffrey Meyer, Mount Pleasant — 1st Place — National/World Events; Jean Thomson, Mount Pleasant HOWARD: Marjorie Dohlman, Riceville; Mary Schiotis, Cresco IDA: Viola Hill, Ida Grove IOWA: John Snethen, Williamsburg JACKSON: Michelle Turner, Maquoketa SCHOOL: Renee Cook, 4th gr, Briggs Elementary, Maquoketa JASPER: William P Riddle, Colfax; Dawn Sly-Terpstra, Lynnville; Pat Underwood, Colfax JEFFERSON: Ali Arsanjani, Barbara Bloom, John W Collinson, Maryam Daftari, Bill Graeser, Daniel F Joyce, Rustin Larson, Jacqueline Signori, and Suzanne Araas Vesely, all of Fairfield JOHNSON: Janvier Abramowitz, Coralville; Thomas Georgou, Coralville; Tom Gingerich, Kalona; Patrick Hanson, North Liberty;  Douglas L Miller, Solon; Frann Ostroff, Coralville; Linda E Paul, North Liberty; Karen Schmitt, Solon; Richard K Wallarab, Coralville IOWA CITY — Sheila Baker, Ethel Barker, Donna Behlke, Jo Benda — 1st Place — Humorous Verse; John J Bowman, Maxine Carlson, Tracy Edens, 1st HM — Haiku; Laura Felleman, Milli Gilbaugh, Mary Jedlicka Humston — 3rd HM — Humorous Verse; Nathan Kolacia, Matilda SC Mackey, Linda MJ Muller, Patricia E Noeth, Robin Ostedgaard, Trudi Rosazza, Denise Roth, Larry Schroeder, Angela Smith, Shirley Wyrick, and Martha Yoak SCHOOL: Anna Keil, Univ of Iowa, Iowa City; Athena Xi Meng Wu, 7th gr, Northwest Jr High, Coralville; Kyros Yuefan Wu, 1st Place — Lower Grades, 3rd gr, Van Allen Elem, North Liberty KEOKUK: Joy Lyle, Keota KOSSUTH: Eleanor Stenzel, Burt LEE: Jan Blankenburg, Donnellson — 3rd Place — National/World Events; Sarah A Butz, Ft Madison; Angie Cochran, Argyle; Vicky Dovenspike, Salem; Matthew Faulkner, Ft Madison; Kathleen U Hart, Ft Madison — 3rd Place — Poems For Children;  Zachary Taylor Knox, Ft Madison; Marty Miller, Donnellson; Linda M Nash, Ft Madison LINN: Tami Anderson, Cedar Rapids; Norbe Birosel Boettcher, Marion; Lloyd E Brockmeyer, Cedar Rapids; Kelly R Clute, Center Point — 2nd HM — Adult General; Shirley Hilton, Cedar Rapids — 3rd HM — Haiku; Karen Kladivo, Mount Vernon; Nancy Obermueller, Cedar Rapids; Joan Daily Rammelsberg, Marion; Marie Sullivan, Cedar Rapids SCHOOL: Ashleigh Manders, 3rd HM — High School; 9th gr, Prairie Point Middle School, Cedar Rapids; Emily Irmen, Ja'Lyrial Briggs, Reagan Wilson, and Aiden Roemig, all in 9th gr, Prairie Point Middle School, Cedar Rapids LOUISA: Carolyn Yates Reid, Letts LYON: Judy A Gustafson, Rock Rapids; Betty Medema, Rock Rapids; Mary Peterson, Rock Rapids, Sally J Young, Little Rock MADISON: Heather Ann Clark, Kathy Meyer, Jerrold Narland, and Robin Sprafka — 3rd Place — Adult General; All of Winterset MAHASKA: Pamela J Blomgren, Iola Powell Cadwallader, Fred De Jong, Rob Hoskinson; all of Oskaloosa  SCHOOL: DeShawn Stepter, 11th gr, Oskaloosa HS, Oslaloosa MARSHALL: Pauline Borton, State Center; Mary Clover, Marshalltown; Rose EM Elsbecker, Marshalltown; Les McCargar, Gilman SCHOOL: Alex Clover, 7th gr, East Marshall Middle School, Gilman MITCHELL: Ramona Morse, Osage — 2nd HM — National/World Events; Carol Sisterman, St Ansgar; Margaret Smolik, Osage; Kathleen Stauffer, Osage; Bryan Tabbert, St Ansgar SCHOOL: Clarissa Huisman, 10th gr, Osage HS, Osage; William Bielefeld, 6th gr, Osage MS, Osage MONONA: Jean C Conover, Mapleton MONROE: Esther M Gardner, Melrose MONTGOMERY: PJ Bradway, Red Oak MUSCATINE: Pat Bieber; Duffy De France; Mike Fladlien; Brad Hesford; Annette Matjucha Hovland; Rebecca Whitmore; All of Muscatine O'BRIEN: Janet Branson, Hartley; Josie Hibbing, Hartley; Nancy J. Peters, Sheldon; Carolyn Rohrbaugh, Sutherland; Betty Taylor, Hartley — 2nd Place — Sonnets SCHOOL: Lily Hofman, 3rd Place - Upper Grades, 8th gr, Sanborn Christian School, Sanborn Rianne Van Meeteren, and Adelle Wolfswinkel, both in 8th gr, Sanborn Christian School, Sanborn PAGE: SCHOOL: Katelyn Donnelly, 1st Place — High School, 12th gr, Shenandoah High School, Shenandoah  PLYMOUTH: Ranelle Irwin, Kingsley; Jayne R Vondrak, Kingsley; Janet A Wiener, Hinton POLK: ANKENY — Joyce Allen — Gretchen Fosket Memorial Award; Mary Bolin — 1st HM — Humorous Verse; Teresa Lawler, Kelcy Lofgren, Dorothy Mathis, Merle E Newman, Robert Steinbach CLIVE — JoAnn Meyer DES MOINES —  50310 Beverly Boal, Frank Kutchen, Virginia Mortenson, Richard R Ramsey — 2nd Place — Haiku 50311 Sandy Deyoe 50312 Phoebe Bubendorfer, Theresa Durkin, Jean Kitzmiller, Lucy Ringold, Linda Shivvers 50314 Val Weaver 50317 Virginia Westbrook, Mike Wilson 50321 Alanna Clutter — 1st Place — Poems For Children, Ginny Padden 50322 Lucille Morgan Wilson GRIMES — Mary L Permann JOHNSTON — Shelly Jones Clark, Angela Evans PLEASANT HILL — Tim Grover POLK CITY — Jill Friestad-Tate URBANDALE — Elaine Erickson, Mary E McManus, Judy Nolan WEST DES MOINES — Alyssa Ashmore, Reagan Mann, John Mitchell, Lindsey Smith — 2nd HM — Poems For Children; Shelly Reed Thieman SCHOOL: Kaua'i Cua — 2nd Place, High School, 9th gr, Valley Southwoods HS, WDM; Conor McMahon, 2nd Place, Lower Grades, 4th gr, Jordan Creek Elementary, WDM; Allison Roman Resendiz, 3rd HM, Lower Grades, 2nd gr, Rolling Green Elementary, Urbandale Also published: Joel Garcia, Hailey Butterwegge, and Molly Wright, all in 12th gr, Valley HS, WDM; Bella Rivera, 10th gr, Ankeny Centennial HS, Ankeny; Talyn Strovers and Lola Austin, both in 7th gr, North Polk Middle School, Alleman; Kate Carlson, 6th gr, St Francis of Assisi Catholic School, WDM; Paxton Chancellor, Parker Dewey, Cora Laird, Colton Mears, Brian Rivera-Perez, and Jin Schroeder, all in 2nd gr, Rolling Green Elementary, Urbandale; Logan McMahon, Kindergarten, Jordan Creek Elementary, WDM; Lauren Feldmann, 4th gr, North Polk Central Elementary, Alleman POTTAWATTAMIE: Diane Benzing, Neola; Brianna Smith, Marvin D Vallier, and Robert D Wambold; of Council Bluffs SCHOOL: Richard Hu, 1st HM High School, 11th gr, St Albert Schools, Council Bluffs Also published: Quinten Julian, 9th gr; Alison Narmi, 9th gr; Abby French, 8th gr; all at St Albert Schools, Council Bluffs POWESHIEK: Patricia Buck, Lynn Cavanagh, Sue Drake, Warren R Reinecke, and Gene R Rohr — 3rd HM — National/World Events, all of Grinnell; Patti Collins, Montezuma   SAC: Marcia Haakenson, Lake View SCOTT: Mike Bayles, Davenport; Joe Chambers, Davenport; H Randall Hengst, II, Bettendorf; William E Hudson, Davenport; Teresa LaBella, Davenport; Mark Steven Lucas, Bettendorf; Dan Moore, Davenport; Jeremiah Phillips, Davenport; Dick Stahl, Davenport — 1st HM — Adult General SIOUX: Rachel Kramer Hibma, Sioux Center; Nancy Riggan, Orange City SCHOOL: Anneke Wind - 2nd Place College; Dordt College, Sioux City Anneliese Donstad — 3rd Place College; Dordt College, Sioux City Katie Bousema — 1st HM College; Dordt College, Sioux City Hannah Adams — 2nd HM College; Dordt College, Sioux City Erika Buiter — 3rd HM College; Dordt College, Sioux City Also published: Kendra Nydam and Danielle Schultz; both students at Dordt College, Sioux City Tabetha DeGroot, 2nd HM High School, 12th gr, Faith Christian Home School, Sioux Center STORY: Emily DeYoung, Nevada; Andrea Dorn, Nevada; Stephen E Leach, Huxley AMES — Margot Bannister, Mary Louise Berhow, Caroliena Cabada, David M Gradwohl, Phyllis IT Harris — 1st HM National/World Events; Lorene Hoover, Allison Boyd Justus — 2nd Place — Adult General; Deborah Lewis, Dennis Maulsby — 1st Place — Haiku; Kathleen Russell, Crystal Stone — Special Award First-time Entrant; Janis Stone, Audrey Stromberg; Maggie Westvold SCHOOL: Miya Krueger, 1st HM, Upper Grades, 5th gr, Sawyer Elementary, Ames; Ian WIlliamson, 2nd HM, Upper Grades, 5th gr, Sawyer Elementary, Ames; Sam Hostetter, 3rd HM, Upper Grades, 5th gr, Edwards Elementary, Ames; Zaylin Harden-Barrow, 3rd Place, Lower Grades, 3rd gr, Edwards Elementary, Ames; Brendan Stanley, 1st HM, Lower Grades, 3rd gr, Edwards Elementary, Ames; Corwyn Evans, 2nd HM, Lower Grades, 3rd gr, Edwards Elementary, Ames; Also published: Sarah Higgins, Edwards Elem, Ames; Adeline Mund, 5th gr, Sawyer Elem, Ames; Kelsey Robinson, 5th gr, Sawyer Elem, Ames; Cece Appleton, 3rd gr, Sawyer Elem, Ames; Alex Mudryk, 3rd gr, Edwards Elem, Ames TAYLOR: Jordan Perkins, 10th gr, Bedford HS, Bedford UNION: Joan Jessen Waske, Afton VAN BUREN: Janet E Gilchrist, Douds; Dale Netherton, Farmington — 2nd Place — Poems for Children WAPELLO: Emily Crouse, Ottumwa; Bill Perry, Ottumwa WARREN: Stephen Brayton, Carlisle; Julie Sharp Emmons, Norwalk; Roberta Beach Jacobson, Indianola; Julie Allyn Johnson, Norwalk; Marjorie W Moore, Indianola; Lynn Robbins, Norwalk WASHINGTON: Erin Cavanagh, Wellman; Levi Lyle, Keota; Kay Thomann, Riverside WINNESHIEK: Adrienne Coffeen, Decorah; JoAn N Stevenson, Decorah; Lynne Zotalis, Decorah WOODBURY: Anna Barnes, Sioux City; Carole Johnston, Sergeant Bluff WORTH:  Helen J Thoen, Manly — 2nd HM — Humorous Verse WRIGHT:  James Roth, Eagle Grove ABOUT THE IOWA POETRY ASSOCIATION We were founded in 1945. Membership and contests are restricted to Iowa residents (see rules for student exceptions). We are a not-for-profit organization. We are affiliated with the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and with the Academy of American Poets. Editorial staff: Marilyn J Baszczynski, editor-in-chief; Steven Rose & Heather Derr-Smith, associate adult editors; Rustin Larson, college editor; Joy Lyle, high school editor; and Della Weems, grade school editor.

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