DES MOINES, IOWA (August 14, 2019) — On Tuesday, September 10, the Iowa Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Muscatine, Iowa. The proceeding will take place in the Muscatine High School auditorium, 2705 Cedar Street. The oral arguments are open to the public and will begin at 7PM.

The court will hear attorneys argue in the following case:

State of Iowa v Lamar Cheyeene Wilson, case no 18-0564, from Johnson County District Court

Lamar Wilson appeals from his convictions and sentences for voluntary manslaughter, assault with the intent to cause serious injury, and intimidation with a dangerous weapon. Wilson contends the trial court erred when it did not grant him a pretrial hearing on the question of his immunity from prosecution due to his use of self-defense pursuant to Iowa Code section 704.13. This appeal raises questions whether section 704.13 provides immunity from prosecution upon a showing the defendant was justified in using deadly force, and if so, what is the burden of proof, who bears it, and what pretrial procedures must the trial court employ.

Attorney briefs for State of Iowa v Lamar Cheyeene Wilson are posted on the Iowa Judicial Branch website at

A public reception with the supreme-court justices in the auditorium lobby will follow the oral arguments.

Note to Editors: News media are invited to attend the oral arguments. Court rules apply regarding still camera, video camera, audio recording devices, and other electronic devices used during the oral arguments. Information on expanded media coverage is available on the Iowa Judicial Branch website at

The Iowa Court Rules regarding cameras and other electronic devices in courtrooms are on the Iowa Legislature website at

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