Iowa National Guard veteran and State Rep Brian Meyer and non-profit leader and Iraq War veteran Jim Mowrer (speaking) call for climate-change action at National Security Round Table


DES MOINES, IOWA (November 7, 2019) — Iowa veterans addressed Senator Joni Ernst’s views on climate-change, urging her to listen to her constituents who are demanding climate action. During the event, participants highlighted how Sen Ernst has ignored the risks of climate change and admitted ignorance on the science.
In September, 216 scientists and researchers from 38 Iowa colleges and universities signed a statement highlighting the urgent need to address the climate crisis. Military experts have identified climate-change as a national-security threat, and a report released by the Department of Defense this year found that more than two-thirds of critical military-installations are threatened by climate-change. Nevertheless, Sen Ernst continues to protect President Trump’s agenda, ignoring experts and the risks climate-change places on Iowans and our national security. The historic flooding this past spring even put military instillations in the region, such as Offutt Air Force Base, at great risk.
“The evidence is overwhelming, and the scientific community has found consensus — climate-change is real, and we’re behind the curve,” said Jim Mowrer, a nonprofit leader and Iraq War veteran.
“There’s no excuse to continue ignoring the toll climate-change is having on our environment and our national security. Having grown up on a family farm, I understand the real impact climate change is having on Iowa’s agricultural economy today, and the massive damage it poses for the future if nothing is done.
“Pentagon leaders already understand the growing global threat of climate-change and have begun planning for the impacts. Future American troops face the prospect of battling the damage climate-change will have on resource-scarcity and natural-disasters. 
“Whether she believes the science or not, Sen Ernst has an obligation to acknowledge and listen to the scientific experts and national-security advisors. It’s time Sen Ernst look voters in the eye and take a stand on the issue.”
Despite the need for urgent climate action, Sen Ernst continues to stand by as the Trump administration rolls back critical climate-protections. That is why Iowans are calling on Sen Ernst to support America’s transition to a 100% clean-energy economy. Iowa’s clean-energy economy is thriving, with nearly 20,000 Iowans working in energy-efficiency jobs, including up to 10,000 Iowa jobs supported by wind-energy.
Participants at the event stressed the need for Sen Ernst to listen to the Department of Defense and the demands from her own constituents to act on climate-change, protecting our nation, and ensuring military-readiness.

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