DES MOINES, IOWA (July 2, 2020) On Wednesday, July 1, the US Department of Labor awarded Iowa $3,450,000 in grant funds intended to support activities that improve the State's ability to serve, improve, and expand the Registered Apprenticeship Program model. Iowa Workforce Development will administer the grant funds, which will support 823 new Registered Apprentices from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2023 in the following industries: Health-care, agriculture, and COVID-related employment changes.

Funding of $1,500 will be available for each apprentice served under this grant. This funding may assist with On-the-Job Training, Related Training Instruction, or supportive services related to the Registered Apprentice. Grant funds will be provided by Iowa Workforce Development to the Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor or directly to the Registered Apprentice.

Other projects supported by this grant include:

  • Iowa Department of Corrections will receive $350,000 to support 100 new apprentices;
  • Iowa Workforce Development will purchase an apprenticeship module to aid in the required federal reporting;
  • Outreach and communications will be conducted to help support outreach to job seekers and employers around National Apprenticeship Week and; and
  • A Quality Pre-Apprenticeship program will receive $20,000 to help support the creation or expansion of its program. A Request for Proposal will be announced in late-summer or early-fall.

For more information about Registered Apprenticeship programs, visit

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