DES MOINES, IOWA (March 16, 2021) — Iowa Workforce Development has launched a new podcast called “Mission: Employable”. The podcast will include exciting interviews with thought leaders in business and industry, workforce stakeholders and economic developers among others. The interviews will include discussions about key workforce programs, initiatives, innovations and resources available to Iowans as well as discussions about the impact of the pandemic on workforce and steps parties are taking to minimize the impact. Leaders who are creative and innovative will talk about current events and how Iowa can use the pandemic as an opportunity to advance more Iowans into exciting new career pathways.

“Connecting with Iowans is more important than ever and this podcast will help Iowa Workforce Development communicate with students, parents, employers, job-seekers, community leaders, educators, and other important workforce stakeholders,” said Director Beth Townsend, Iowa Workforce Development. "Future Ready Iowa has demonstrated the success we have when we work together to solve workforce issues. I believe the new podcast, ‘Mission: Employable,’ will be a valuable new tool for us to promote more collaboration while also providing Iowans with the key information about new opportunities, resources and assistance as they return to the workforce."

The inaugural guest for the first podcast is Governor Kim Reynolds, and she will share her thoughts about our economic recovery, Future Ready Iowa and challenges and opportunities Iowa has as a result of the pandemic. Other scheduled guests include Lt Gov Adam Gregg, Iowa Economic Development Authority Director Debi Durham, and the New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative (NEWBOCO) Executive Director Aaron Horn.

A new episode will be released every Tuesday morning with plans to increase the release as our guest list grows.  Episodes can be downloaded from the Apple Podcast App, Spotify App, or from the Iowa Workforce Development podcast page:

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