DES MOINES, IOWA (June 19, 2020) Iowa Workforce Development has partnered with Coursera to offer free online learning opportunities to Iowans during the pandemic. Coursera is an online learning-platform with over 4,300 courses available from a variety of academic institutions and organizations worldwide. The online classes and certificate programs are available to Iowans at no cost if they register for and enroll in any of the courses by September 20, 2020, and complete their courses by December 31, 2020.

“Like all states, Iowa has experienced changes in how we work and learn as a result of the pandemic. We are excited to partner with Coursera, a free online learning-platform, to help Iowans who are looking to build their skill sets or explore new careers,” said Director Beth Townsend, Iowa Workforce Development. “By working with Coursera, we can provide increased access to a wide variety of courses and certificates, including in high-demand careers. We also encourage employers to leverage this resource to upskill or retrain employees whose jobs were affected by the pandemic. It’s free and we believe it will be a valuable new tool in our recovery.”

Coursera participants can access courses and certificate programs in areas such as entrepreneurship, information technology, and advanced manufacturing-training.

“Although the pandemic impacted in-person training sessions at our IowaWORKS offices, we are using creative solutions such as Coursera to offer Iowans a chance to build their skills for their current job or a new job in the future,” Michael Witt, IowaWORKS Division Administrator. “We look forward to helping Iowans enroll in free courses and connect with great job opportunities.”

Iowans can register for an account and enroll in courses HERE. Additional information can be found at

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