Local frozen pizza company, Mama Bosso, puts on rock show as part of their live music campaign "Mama on the Road"

Davenport, IA, August 11, 2018:  As part of their live music campaign dubbed "Mama on the Road" local frozen pizza company Mama Bosso will be putting on a rock show in the Village Theatre on August 11th from 7pm-12am, featuring local bands Condor & Jaybird and the Zealots, as well as Des Moines band Hazer.

The show, while being promoted by Mama behind the scenes, is run just like any other show - tickets are $10, there is pizza, beer, wine, and the bands get all proceeds from the door.  Doors open at 7:00, The Zealots play at 8:00, Hazer at 9:30pm, and Condor & Jaybird at 11:00pm.

"It's pretty cool what Mama Bosso is doing" says resident young person Ben Florence, "I mean, it's just a rock show. It's not a corporate scheme or anything- it's just fun.

To encourage people to enjoy the Village before the show, BREW in the Village has offered one free beer with pre-purchased tickets (available on eventbrite), redeemable only the day of, before the show.

The Mama on the road campaign is going on its second year, and consists of Mama Bosso providing pizza and promotional resources to local bands in return for exposure and product demonstrations.  Previous bands include Leather Parachute, Sister Wife, Terrapin & the Wolves, and Golden Fleece, while the current bands are Condor & Jaybird and Hazer.





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