ImageFamily Resources Awarded Project BEST Contract from Scott County KIDS Family Resources, Inc is very happy to announce being awarded the Scott County KIDS contract to provide an innovative program called Project BEST.  BEST stands for “Behavioral Evaluation, Support, and Training.”  Project BEST will offer FREE comprehensive consultation services for infants up and through age 5, enrolled in licensed child care centers or family day care homes.  According to Scott County KIDS, there are currently 79 licensed child care centers and 350 family day care homes in Scott County, representing approximately 2,000-3,000 children. A study done in Massachusetts, found that students in early childhood programs had 34 times the rate of expulsions then did students enrolled K-12 and more than 13 times the national rate of K-12 expulsions. Project BEST services would include classroom and individual child observations, staff and supervisor trainings, parent education and support, program development/data management along with program and child-focused assessments and interventions.  Family Resources, Inc commitment will be to meet the goal of addressing specific problematic behaviors in individual children while also establishing environments that foster positive social/emotional growth for young children both in the early childhood setting and at home.  Project BEST will assist child care centers and family day care homes to provide the best quality care through nurturing, challenging and well-organized classrooms.  Our staff, in partnership with providers, parents and community resources will assist in developing positive social/emotional skills that not only help them while interacting with other children and adults now, but will create a solid foundation for future success in their relationships and sense of self. Family Resources offers more than 30 programs and services designed to strengthen our local communities and the children and families that live in those communities. Family Resources traces its heritage of serving families back more than 157 years. From its earliest roots, Family Resources has embraced the concept of constantly assessing community needs and adjusting programs to provide the most effective services.  For more information contact Nancy Phelps, Director of Community Enrichment Services at 563-468-2301. ###