Purpose: Mississippi River Valley Art Directory is a website to
promoting art along the Mississippi River. The goal is to create one
website organizing all forms of art, making it easy for clients to
locate you, your website and your place of business.

Mission: The Mississippi River Valley area is saturated with wonderful
ART.   Connecting us all together and creating an art destination to
meet specific desires is our mission.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Diane Michele (Wall) Volrath started her art career in the medium of
sugar. She was the owner of Cake Creations for 16 years in Davenport,
Iowa. After retiring she became a multi-media artist living on the
Mississippi River in Princeton, Iowa. Her studio, Inspirational Images
Photography,  is next door to her house where photography meets the
stained glass world. Diane images photography on to glass and finishes
it with stained glass. Visit www.cupandgallery.com to learn more about
Diane and see her creations.

Rhonda LeMar-James spent 20 years managing a variety of venues in the
hospitality business. It was a fast-paced, exciting business where 2
days were never alike. That's where multi tasking became so important!
A family responsibility took her from that world and into the world of
art. She grows gourds here in Iowa and then uses them to express
herself. Along the path there were so many talented artists all
searching for the best way to get their art noticed by others. Diane
and Rhonda intend to make that a much easier task with this website
and these maps. To learn more about Rhonda visit

Both ladies are active in the art world, promoting area groups,
festivals and artists. They sit on several boards, including the Quad
City Photography Club, Artist Advisory Council, Left Bank Art League,
The Gourd City Area Gourd Patch, and they also teach in the area.

After several discussions about how to assist artists in the task of
getting products noticed, the Mississippi River Valley Art Directory
was born.

Please join us in celebrating art in the Mississippi River Valley area.

Within this website you will find a Weekly Blog listing current art
events throughout the Mississippi River Valley. The second page is a
directory of all art locations organized by region with links to their
web-pages. The third page is a map of the art locations, hours of
business, and media available. Included here is a spot where you can
purchase full size maps for self driving tours. The fourth page is a
list of art galleries and home based art studios participating in the
Spring and Fall Art Drives. The annual Fall MRVAD drive is the first
weekend in November. This year that is November 6th & 7th, 2010 from
10am- 5pm, check this page to plan your route. The final page is an
application form for artists and art galleries to complete to be
included in this website and map listings.

Memberships include :

? Web-presence and link

Have your gallery, studio or home address listed on the world wide web
to access  clients and agents. A link will be provided to your
personal web-page if applicable.

? Map listing, maps for display and dispersal upon request

Maps will be placed in Welcome Centers, hotels, motels, area
businesses and all locations that visitors and locals search for ideas
for things to do along the Mississippi River. You may request maps to
hand out at your site and at art shows.

? Bi-annual newsletter promoting the open gallery/private studio self
drive tour.

A newsletter will be forwarded with helpful information and tips for
all members about the spring and fall art drives. This is a time for
artist to invite clients in to their personal studios. For those of
you without a studio, considering joining with several other local
artists at a public building in town. Our Goal is a fun day for a
drive along the Mississippi River Valley viewing great art and
interacting with the people that create it.

? Bi-annual open house gallery/private studio self drive

Each year we promote a special ART DRIVE twice a year, inviting
clients to view your galleries and private studios. This will be held
the weekend before Mother's Day and the first weekend in November each
year on Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm. You may list your private home
based studio address, gallery address, the address of an Art show you
may be attending, a farmers market address, or a public building you
have rented for this occasion. The dates will be November 6 & 7, 2010;
April 30 & May 1, 2011; & November 5 & November 6, 2011. THIS IS AN
You do not have to be listed on the Art Drive Directory page to be
included in the main listings.

? Monthly Blog available for individual artist promotion

The first page will blog art shows and art events in the Mississippi
River Valley. Please send your promotional event materials to
iipics@hotmail.com subject line MRVAD BLOG INFO or Diane Volrath, Po
Box 282, Princeton, Iowa 52768.

1 month prior to the event.

? Photos of your three top selling items included in photo gallery

Email iipics@hotmail.com with your photos to include.

Annual fee: $20.00

Form to join Mississippi River Valley Art Directory

Artist name:

Business name:

Email address:

Business Address and Phone #:

Dimensions of display shop-important for possible tour groups.

Is shop handicap accessible:

Your hours of business and

if you would like to be included

in the Spring and Fall ART DRIVE:

Information on your studio:

Medium (media):

Webpage address:


By submitting this application form, I understand I am giving
permission to M.R.V.A.D. to publish my information on the web and it
is my responsibility to provide accurate information and timely
revisions of this information to M.R.V.A.D.

Mail form with check to: MRVAD, 22185 180th Ave., Davenport, Iowa 52807

Form may also be filled out online at www.mrvad.com/id5.html .

For questions please inquire at: mail@MRVAD.COM or phone Diane at

563-343-2765 or Rhonda at 563-508-1853.

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