Mobile Hotspots, Cultural Passes Available with Your Library Card

<Rock Island, Sept. 8, 2017>When was the last time you walked into your local library? In recent years, libraries have changed into dynamic centers for engagement to accommodate the growing needs of their local communities.

Outside the Lines is a global initiative designed to reintroduce libraries to their local communities. From Sept. 10-16, 2017, organizations like Rock Island Library are highlighting events and services that get people thinking – and talking – about libraries in a whole new way.

"Libraries are well known for books, but the fact is, we share so much more," says Angela Campbell, Rock Island Library director. "One of the newest things we're sharing is the ability to check out a mobile WiFi hotspot."

The mobile hotspots check out for seven days, and can connect up to 10 devices to WiFi, making them a great choice for staying connected on family travel, outdoor activities, mobile meetings, and study. Each device supports unlimited data for no worries about exceeding a personal data plan, and up to 10 hours of battery life. Since the library also offers streaming video and music through services such as Hoopla digital, OverDrive and Freegal Music, the hotspots allow patrons to use those services anywhere.

Mobile hotspot checkouts are available to Illinois cardholders ages 18 and over. Because supplies are limited, holds and renewals are not available. For full details, visit any Rock Island Public Library.

The hotspots join a growing list of non-traditional items that contribute to what's often called the "sharing economy." Patrons at Rock Island Libraries can check out cultural passes, including passes for the library's newest partner, the German-American Heritage Center, as well as cake pans, video games, learning Launchpad tablets, Cricut-brand paper-cutting cartridges, and of course, books, graphic novels, magazines, and more.

Library events occurring during Outside the Lines Week include a new "Petite Picassos" art series for ages five and under, a retirement planning workshop, World War I history series, the Retro Gamers' Club, and a drop-in technology lab for answering a wide variety of tech questions from patrons.

"Since September is also National Library Card Sign Up Month, it's an especially good time to revisit your library, get a card, and rediscover what you can achieve with our resources," adds Lisa Lockheart, the library's publicity and outreach liaison.

Rock Island Library cards are available free of charge to residents of Rock Island, and residents living within the Milan-Blackhawk Area Public Library District. Applicants need a Photo ID with current address and name, or can supply additional documentation with a current address.

For details about applying for a library card, visit, or call 309-732-READ.


The first Rock Island Public Library opened to the public November 25, 1872. The library's first building followed much later, on Dec. 15, 1903. Rock Island Library serves the public with online opportunities at, community centers at the Downtown, 30/31 and Southwest Libraries, and ongoing outreach efforts. 


Outside the Lines is a global R-Squared initiative originally designed by Colorado library marketers and directors that gets libraries “walking the walk” – taking action to show communities how important libraries are and how they’ve changed. Learn more at