WHAT: Quad City Arts Art @ the Airport

WHEN:          October 28-December 27, 2011

WHERE:       Quad City International Airport Gallery, 2200 69th Ave., Moline, IL 

WHO:             Paintings by Caroline England, Yale Factor and Pam Ohnemus, with Glass by Liquid Fire glass artists.

In November and December, Art @ the Airport features watercolor paintings by Caroline England, intricate oil paintings by Yale Factor and acrylic paintings by Pam Ohnemus, with blown glass works by Liquid Fire glass artists.

Davenport watercolorist, Caroline England is known for her larger than life, dramatic depictions of flowers and gardens.

DeKalb artist Yale Factor's landscape paintings have been exhibited nationally and regionally for over thirty years. The detail put into each painting goes beyond what is usually captured by camera, each leaf and blade of grass is rendered with precision. The viewer is drawn in from a distance and then keeps approaching to find a completely different world depicted upon closer examination.

Davenport artist Pam Ohnemus concentrates on the vanishing landscape of the prairie in her acrylic paintings. She incorporates newspaper articles about the tallgrass prairie into some of the paintings as collage elements to add interest and information. Exquisite panoramas and vivid close-ups of native prairies reach tantalize the viewer with their beauty and textures.

Hand-blown glass works by Liquid Fire studio artists (Rock Island) will accentuate the landscape paintings.

Don't miss this is exhibit just because you don't have a plane to catch-the lights in the gallery are always on and the airport offers free parking for the first hour. Meet a friend for lunch and enjoy the art! Quad City International airport gallery is easy to access with one hour of free parking to allow plenty of time to browse the exhibit.

Quad City Arts is a nonprofit local arts agency dedicated to the growth and vitality of the Quad City region through the presentation, development, and celebration of the arts and humanities. All Quad City Arts programs are funded in part by Festival of Trees, Quad City Arts Partners and operating grants from the Illinois Arts Council (a state agency) and the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs. This gallery and exhibit is generously sponsored by the Quad City International Airport.


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