BETTENDORF, IOWA (March 14, 2022) — Spring temperatures are on the rise and so are parents' searches for summer programming and camps for their students. Beréskin Gallery and Art Academy is a great place to start the search as it has released 45 class/camp offerings for the summer.

There are 31 camps for children in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade and fourteen classes for high school to adults. These programs range from fun art projects, crafting, STEAM classes, and clay camps for children and beginners to more-advanced drawing and painting classes for older students.

Owner Pat Bereskin said," The past two years have been a creative challenge to provide children ‘summer' experiences during a health crisis. As of March 26, masks will no longer be required. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, then you are encouraged to do so. We have designed opportunities for children to get back to outdoor fun and experiences in the Arts and Crafts." "The teachers have pulled out all the stops for projects that students will love and enjoy. There are plenty of subjects to engage everyone!"

Outdoor experiences with art and nature include visits to area parks and painting outdoors ("like REAL artists!" said one of Mrs B's students). And indoor activities include cartooning, illustration, animation classes, digital photography, cooking, drones and robots, clay wheel, hand building, laser fun, fairytale creatures, and more. Summer just looks brighter when you know you are going to have fun.

The high school and adult classes allow for those who wish to expand their skills from beginner to higher levels. Especially for those students wishing to expand or develop their portfolios for college scholarships. Gabrielle Schadt, who is classically trained in Florence, Italy, will be teaching a Drawing and Painting Figure in Black and White class. The quality of artist educators is important to the program and Bereskin has sought out some of the leading educators to help students grow to that next level. "Giving yourself permission to take a class is the first step to self-care," says Bereskin. "This is one of the precious gifts we can give back to ourselves and our community - to assist our neighbors in having a place to develop their creativity."

Bereskin recounted a quote by fellow artist Ryan Tova Katz (Chicago) that has stayed with her, "Art is a proven tool for stress reduction and well-being. There are countless studies into the physical and mental benefits of making art, and the benefits of even looking at an artwork. Making and looking at art has long-term effects like boosting our brain function and our immune systems as well as contributing positively to our mental and emotional health. Art helps us process trauma, express difficult feelings, and work through experience." "The public has always been able to stop into the Beréskin Gallery to take a break from life and see beautiful Art." Make plans now to sign up for classes and camps. Many fill up quickly and parents are encouraged to sign up now.

General Summer Classes for high school to adult (special permission for middle school students may be obtained from Pat Bereskin)

Summer Camps for Kindergarten through eighth grades

For additional information about summer, weekend or year-round classes, contact Pat at

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