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Teacher turned musical comedian
Tim Cavanagh performs at Penguin's Comedy Club October 4 - 6
BETTENDORF, IA, September 25, 2007 - When Tim Cavanagh finished school, he took a career aptitude test and based on his verbal ability score, it suggested that he become a mime.  But as luck would have it, that was the year mimes went on strike for better working conditions (bigger make-believe boxes to be trapped in, a less stiff imaginary wind to run against, etc.).  So Tim walked away from the mime world, although as he walked away, he pretended to be pulled along by a big invisible dog.


For the next three years, Tim taught religion at an all-girls Catholic high school.  At night, he broke into comedy at Zanies, Chicago`s best comedy club.  This dual role, religion teacher by day and comedian by night, began to take its toll.  One night, as Tim threatened to call a heckler`s parents, he realized it was time to choose one career.


He picked comedy.  Soon his funny songs were being heard nationally on the legendary "Dr. Demento" radio show.  With an ever growing collection of fun, witty tunes, Tim was a perfect fit for radio.  In spite of an allergy to giraffes that kept him away from a number of Morning Zoos, he has been a frequent and favorite guest on drive-time radio shows across the country. With songs like "I Wanna Kiss Her (But She Won`t Let Me)," "99 Dead Baboons," and "Get Drunk with Dignity," Cavanagh has sung his way into the hearts of radio audiences everywhere.


For several years, Tim worked closely with radio personality and "Partridge Family" star Danny Bonaduce.  Danny once said, "Tim`s the funniest guy in the world.  He`s so cute, you just wanna kiss him."  And that`s coming from a man who once beat up a guy in a dress.


Since 1997, Tim has been a regular guest on the award winning "Bob & Tom" radio show, which is heard nationwide on 120-plus stations.  In that time, Tim has performed over two hundred songs on the show.  Many of those songs were part of a popular weekly segment, "The One Minute Song," which he did on the show from 1998-2000. 


Along the way, Tim was featured on an ABC-TV prime time comedy special, as well as on Comedy Central and Comcast Comedy Spotlight.


Since 1997, Tim has released three comedy CDs on his own Hits & Giggles Records label.  Tim recently recognized himself as "Best Artist" on the Hits & Giggles roster, an award he has won three out of the last five years.  Even though he is the only act on the roster, a misty-eyed Cavanagh was quoted as saying, "It`s still a big thrill."


Aside from headlining at comedy clubs and touring with "The Friends of Bob & Tom" shows, Tim has performed at hundreds of corporate events.  From Mayo Clinic and Xerox to the Midwest Poultry Federation and Prairie Bolt & Screw, his clean and clever material has made him a hit.  He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, and while that organization is the archenemy of the National Mime Council, Tim still has cordial relations with several mimes.


See Tim Cavanagh co-starring Nicholas Anthony October 4th through 6th at Penguin's Comedy Club. Tickets are available by calling (563) 324-5233 or by visiting  Visit the Penguin's Comedy Club website for more upcoming events such as "Bob & Tom" favorites Pat Godwin, Paul & Storm and The Musical Comedians of Comedy Tour.



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