WASHINGTON, IOWA (September 26, 2022) A group of Washington citizens is organizing the city's first international film festival. Farm to Film (F2F) will be held May 20-21, 2023.

Just like the film pioneers that came before in the city, the mission of F2F is to engage and entertain audiences through film and to inspire thought-proving conversation.

Washington is the home of the historic State Theater, the longest continuously operated movie theater in the world. It is also home to film historian Michael Zahs who is featured in the award-winning film preservation documentary "Saving Brinton". Washington is also the home of the late Frank Brinton who was one of the earliest exhibitors of moving pictures (called movies beginning in the 1940's) and magic lantern shows in the country.

F2F hopes to continue this rich heritage with its inaugural festival with films shown at venues within walking distance of the downtown square. Participants will enjoy a diverse array of film genres to choose from throughout the weekend. Film categories will include:

*Documentary Feature — Over forty minutes in length

*Short Documentary

*Narrative Feature — Over forty minutes in length

*Narrative Short Film — Under forty minutes in length



*Student — Any genre and length are accepted in this category. Student must submit proof of enrollment in an accredited high school, college.

*Women and Minority — Any genre and length are accepted in this category.

*Iowa Made — Filmed by filmmakers from Iowa or made in Iowa. Any genre and length are accepted in this category.

Laurel awards and certificates will be given in each category.

Lyle Moen and Sarah Grunewaldt are serving as co-presidents of the F2F Board of Directors. "Washington has a long-standing love of film," Grunewaldt said. "The theatre wouldn't be the oldest operating in the world if this community didn't love the magic of being transported to another place and time. We look forward to exposing our community to films that engage and inspire conversation as well as opening our doors to visitors from around the world." Moen said "Through the Farm to Film Fest, we are promoting the arts and showcasing the city of Washington with all its amenities, while providing an opportunity to filmmakers from around the world to bring their passions to life through their films."

Films will be accepted until February 2, 2023. Decisions on film selection and awards lie solely with F2F, including the right to select or reject any or all films, and will be made no later than February 2, 2023. Entries will be limited to 200 films.

Other board members include: Nancy Rash; Isabella Santoro; Melinda Lord; Lorraine Williams; Millie Youngquist; and Bill Monroe. Zahs is serving as an advisor. For more information, go to the F2F website at FarmtoFilmFest.org.

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