MOLINE, ILLINOIS (January 16, 2020) — Quad Cities’ Student Services invites all Quad Citizens to submit images of art, photos, and designs for possible display in the 5th Annual Campus Art Show.

The theme for this year’s Campus Art Show is The Gene. In April, Ken Burns will release a film that uses science, social history, and personal stories to weave together a historical biography of the human genome while also exploring the stunning breakthroughs in understanding the impact genes play on heredity, disease, and behavior. From the story of the remarkable achievements of the earliest gene-hunters and the bitterly-fought race to read the entire human genome, to the unparalleled ethical challenges of gene-editing, the documentary is a journey through key genetics discoveries that are some of the greatest achievements in the history of science. Artwork selected for the 5th Annual Campus Art Show should have a tie to genetics.

A limited number of works will be selected by a panel of judges from WQPT, WIU-QC, and the Quad Cities art community. Works that are selected for inclusion in the art show are encouraged to be for sale, but it is not a requirement.

The Exhibition is limited to paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and designs. 2D artwork or designs must be 36” x 36” in dimension or smaller and suitable for easel display (framed, matted, or mounted on a firm backing). 3D Sculptures must be easily movable without special equipment.

“Creating a piece of art is an incredibly personal process,” said WQPT Director of Education and Outreach, Michael Carton. “Just as a person’s DNA is unique to him or her, so is the process they use to be creative. We’re excited to use the 5th Annual Campus Art Show to bring attention to Ken Burns’s upcoming film, The Gene, and showcase the individuality of Quad Citizen Artists.”

“The WIU-QC Art Show started as a graduate student project for the Museum Studies program and has been a great success! It has been a wonderful way for students, faculty, and staff to express themselves through art," said Scott Brouette, Assistant Director of Quad Cities Student Services. "This year we have expanded the exhibit to include artwork from individuals throughout the Quad Cities Region.”

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