2010 Celtic Highland Games Schedule by Area

Saturday, Sept 18th at Centennial Park, Davenport

Heavy Games - Scottish Athletics: The Caber Toss, Hammer Throw and More!

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Athletics Field - competitions in several stone throws: weight over bar and weight for distance, hammer throw, sheaf toss and the caber toss.

The day ends with the just-for-fun Irish Keg Toss.


Three bagpipe bands playing at various times all day around the grounds. Featuring: Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums, of Peoria; Blackhawk Pipe Band, of the Quad Cities, and Turlach Ur, an award-winning pipe and drum band out of Grinnell, Iowa.

4:30 ish - Gathering of the Pipe Bands, playing in rounds and then as one. Who's your favorite? Vote with applause as the bands try to out-do one another.

Highland Dance in the Entertainment Tent

8:30 am
9:00 am
1:00 pm
1:30 pm

Trophies sponsored by the Scottish American Society of the Quad Cities!

Bonnie Knees . . Right after the Parade of Tartans

Bonnie Knees Which man has the best legs? 12:30 p.m.

Stay for the haggis howl and wellie toss, too!

Entertainment Tent - East end of festival grounds

Following the Highland Dance Competition:  Mullane Healy O'Brien Irish Dance Academy performances

5:30 p.m. on - Evening Music, $5. See list below!

Evening Music in the Entertainment Tent - Just $5 for over 6 hours of entertainment!

5:30 - Barley House Band - Irish roots and American branches, a Quad City favorite!
7:00 - Laura and the Lads- Music of Ireland, Scotland, England, France and Northern Spain.
MacKenzie plays a variety of wind instruments and voice, with the lads on percussion, bass,
fiddle, guitar and clarinet.
9:30 - Highland Reign - High-energy progressive Scots-American Celtic music with plenty of
rockin' Scottish tunes.

Workshops and Demonstrations - southeast corner of the festival grounds

10 a.m. to 11 a.m.- Celtic Knot Class: Come and learn the history and motifs of Celtic knot work, see examples by master knot work artists, and try making some knots of your own! These infinite knots where thought to represent eternity to Celtic monks, come discover what they might mean to you.

Primary/Beginner/Novice Registration
Primary/Beginner/Novice Competition Begins
Intermediate/Premier Registration
Intermediate/Premier Competition Begins

10:30 to 11:30 - Cloggers - Learn traditional dances, made famous by Scots-Irish immigrants to the mountains of America

1 p.m. to 2 p.m. - Hammered Dulcimer workshop with Reg & Linda Shoesmith.

2:15 p.m.- Joe Nobiling, Celtic fiddler with an American accent, Joe Nobiling will provide a presentation on the role of Celtic fiddle tunes and songs during the American Civil War. Beware: should attendees have instruments in hand (or cases) a mini-session is liable to result! John Kinser will be accompanying Joe on bodhran and Heather Nobiling on spoons and vocals.

All day:

Weaving & Spinning demos by Valley Spinners & Weavers- The guild is dedicated to providing guidance, inspiration, continuing education and fellowship to weavers and spinners. Membership is open to all skill levels and provides on-going mentoring and study-group opportunities. They meet on the first Tuesday of most months, at Hauberg Civic Center in Rock Island.

Historic dances and reels, taught by Step Back in Tyme. Enjoy period music as you learn and perform historic dances from the 1700-1800's ranging from English country dances, Scottish Reels, and early American line dances.

What Else is Going On?

Noon: Parade of Tartans around the field. Check in at Clan Row by 11 a.m. to participate as a family group.

Clan Heritage Tents - Meet representatives of Irish and Scottish families, along with organizations of Welsh/Cornish, Irish and Scottish heritage groups.

Vote for the best clan tent! Get your ballot at the clan headquarters tent.

Vendor Row: Stop by for something good to eat or bring home a souvenir of your day!

Beer, pop and water will be available from the Celtic Festival Beverage tents. Yes, that includes Guinness & Smithwick!

Family Fun - Children's Games, Crafts and Living History Camps

Family Activities Tent - Activities sponsored by Modern Woodmen of America

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Stop by anytime for fun family activities and make-and-take crafts for kids. Lots of smiles to go around. All activities are free!

Kingdom of Andorra Living History Camp- north side of the festival grounds

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with scheduled talks throughout the day

Sharing an area are two activities that will be sure to attract attention all day long:

Belegarth Medieval Combat Society

Come join the fun with a safe, and inexpensive sport where participants wear medieval or fantasy-themed clothing and fight with foam-padded weapons. The fighting is hard and fast and has, since 1979, refined into its own brand of martial art. The rules are easy to learn, and after a few practices, you'll be hooked!

Quad City Irish Rugby - Teams will play at 10 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 2:30 p.m.

Native Ways Program Planned

On Saturday, September 11th from 10:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center will be hosting a native ways program.  Come learn how the Native Americans lived by learning how to track animals, make pottery, weave rope, start a fire and build a model wickiup.  Please bring a lunch, or items to prepare on an open fire (we'll provide the fire and roasting sticks).  Family fun for everyone!  Please call to register by calling (563) 328-3286.

The Wapsi River Environmental Education Center can be found 6 miles south of Wheatland or 1 mile northwest of Dixon, Iowa by taking County Road Y4E.  Then turn north at 52nd Avenue and follow the signs for about 1 mile.


Observatory Open House

On Saturday, September 11 at dusk the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center will host an observation of the night's sky at the Monsignor Menke Observatory.  Join Dr. Mitchell, director, for a celestial tour of the summer sky.  Please call (563) 333-6141 on the day of the event to find out if the weather conditions will permit viewing.

The Wapsi River Environmental Education Center can be found 6 miles south of Wheatland or 1 mile northwest of Dixon, Iowa by taking County Road Y4E.  Then turn north at 52nd Avenue and follow the signs for about 1 mile.


The Sixth Annual Disc'n For Dogs Ace Race is now bigger and better with a new title sponsor and an amazing grand prize: a new 2009 Honda Metropolitan 50cc scooter. Set for Saturday, Sept. 11, the ace race will take place at Camden Park, Milan, Ill. All proceeds from this year's event will benefit the Quad City Animal Welfare Center, Milan.

The Disc'n For Dogs Ace Race is for anyone who can throw a disc golf disc and wants a shot at our top prize. Camden Park's original disc golf course's elevation changes and wooded areas are used to their fullest with 26 shortened holes, increasing the hole-in-one opportunities. Most holes average 100 feet or less. Unlimited mulligans, sold for $1 each, will increase the odds of qualifying for the final round.

Registration for the Ace Race opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 9 a.m. at the south picnic shelter near Camden's first hole. The entry fee is $20. The first 40 entrants will receive a player's pack containing a Disc'n For Dogs t-shirt, a soft-sided cooler courtesy of Stern Beverage, plus other items. All players are welcome regardless of ability. A basic disc golf putter is optimal, but a standard backyard flying disc could be used.

The annual Disc'n For Dogs Ace Race disc golf tournament assists animals locally who have been orphaned and are homeless. To date, more than $7,000 has been raised. This event is brought to you in partnership with the Quad-City Animal Welfare Center. All proceeds go directly to the Quad-City Animal Welfare Center which is privately funded and the Quad City's first no-kill animal shelter

Fun Mart Cycle Center presents Sixth Annual Disc'n For Dogs Ace Race

Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010

Sign up: 8 a.m.
Player's Meeting: about 9 a.m.
Tee off: about 10 a.m.
Fee: $20

Two qualifying rounds of 26 holes
1 point for hitting metal
3 points for hitting chains
5 points for an ACE!

Mulligans will be sold for $1 each. Unlimited mulligans allowed during first two rounds. No mulligans allowed during final round.

5 points earns an entry into third and final round. For every 5 points you earn in the qualifying rounds, you will receive a throw at each hole in the final round (10 points equals two throws, 15 points equals 3 throws, etc.).

Final round is played sudden death in a 9-hole loop until an ace claims the top prize.


Players pack includes a tournament t-shirt, soft-sided cooler courtesy of Stern Beverage and other items. Raffles tickets will be sold all day and lunch will be available between rounds.

Seventh Annual National Punctuation Day, September 24, celebrates with Punctuation Haiku Contest

Seventh Annual National Punctuation Day, September 24, celebrates with Punctuation Haiku Contest

Quote startSuccessful people have good communication skills, and that includes knowing how to write properlyQuote end

Pinole, CA (Vocus) September 1, 2010


Punctuation marks:
Commas, colons, periods
That give words meaning.

Ah. It'Äôs the essence of punctuation in a simple haiku.

Last year National Punctuation Day held a baking contest'Äîand what a delicious exercise that was!

This year, to celebrate the 7th annual National Punctuation Day (NPD) on September 24, 2010, we're trying something a bit more literary'Äîour first National Punctuation Day® Haiku Contest, with the winners receiving a plethora of punctuation goodies.

It will be a celebration of proper punctuation in traditional Japanese-style verse. Send your best poetry to Jeff(at)NationalPunctuationDay(dot)com and let the literary games begin!

Haikus must be received by September 30 to be considered for prizes.

National Punctuation Day is the holiday that reminds America that a semicolon is not a surgical procedure. NPD is celebrated in schools and businesses throughout the world with activities, games, programs, and contests. It has inspired people to pay attention not only to their p's and q's, but also their commas, semicolons, and ellipses. NPD reminds us of the importance of proper punctuation for communicating clearly at home, school, or at work.

Former newspaper reporter Jeff Rubin founded National Punctuation Day in 2004 to draw attention to the importance of proper punctuation. It's a day for librarians, educators, and parents 'Äì people who are interested in teaching and promoting good writing skills to their students and their children. It's also a day to remind business people that they are often judged by how they present themselves.

'ÄúSuccessful people have good communication skills, and that includes knowing how to write properly,'Äù Jeff says. 'ÄúPunctuation counts. A misplaced comma can alter the meaning of a message.'Äù

NPD has received worldwide media attention, with newspaper coverage from Manila to London, from Ghana to Toronto, and from Seoul to Seattle, in addition to broad radio and TV coverage in the United States -- including a short segment on Regis and Kelly in 2008 and a one-hour online chat on The Washington Post website in 2009.

NPD is recognized by Chase's Calendar of Events and listed in its sister publication, The Teacher's Calendar, two directories published by McGraw-Hill.

The NPD website -- in addition to highlighting the latest in literacy news and featuring incorrectly punctuated signs from all over the world -- serves as a resource that helps educators teach good writing skills and helps students understand the basics of punctuation. Business people worldwide use it as a reference guide.

There'Äôs even a punctuation newsletter! The Exclamation Point! contains articles on the latest literacy news from around the world, book reviews, and commentary.


Here'Äôs how you can participate in National Punctuation Day on September 24:

1. Go to www.NationalPunctuationDay.com and become familiar with punctuation rules and issues.

2. Organize punctuation activities at your school, library, or office.

3. Share punctuation peeves with founder Jeff Rubin at Jeff(at)NationalPunctuationDay(dot)com.

4. Send photos of incorrectly punctuated signage to Jeff Rubin at Jeff(at)NationalPunctuationDay(dot)com.

To learn how schools and companies can participate in National Punctuation Day, or to schedule an interview with Jeff Rubin, the Punctuation Man, visit www.NationalPunctuationDay.com, call Jeff at (877) 588-1212, or e-mail Jeff at Jeff(at)NationalPunctuationDay(dot)com.

# # #

Chick-fil-A at Davenport and Heritage Church to Sponsor Financial Peace University

WHAT: The Chick-fil-A® restaurant at Davenport, Iowa, will partner with Heritage Church to sponsor a 13-week financial training course called Financial Peace University. The course is taught on video by author and nationally syndicated talk-radio host Dave Ramsey.

Course participants will meet each week to watch a video lesson and participate in discussion groups led by Deanna Glenn, unit marketing director for Chick-fil-A at Davenport. The video course is geared to teach individuals how to beat debt, build wealth, find bargains, invest for the future and give generously. The 13 sessions include the following topics:

· Lesson 1: Super Saving

· Lesson 2: Relating With Money

· Lesson 3: Cash Flow Planning

· Lesson 4: Dumping Debt

· Lesson 5: Credit Sharks in Suits

· Lesson 6: Buyer Beware

· Lesson 7: Clause and Effect

· Lesson 8: That's Not Good Enough!

· Lesson 9: Of Mice and Mutual Funds

· Lesson 10: From Fruition To Tuition

· Lesson 11: Working In Your Strengths

· Lesson 12: Real Estate and Mortgages

· Lesson 13: The Great Misunderstanding

Those interested in participating are invited to attend an informational meeting at Heritage Church: Bettendorf campus in Bettendorf, Iowa, on Sept. 20 at 6:30 p.m. The cost of Financial Peace University is $99.51 for an individual and/or couple, and covers the course and all necessary materials.

Registration fees are due by Sept. 27 and can be turned in to Chick-fil-A at Davenport or Heritage Church: Bettendorf campus. Checks can be made out to Chick-fil-A at Davenport. The course will be held at Heritage Church on Mondays beginning Oct. 11 at 6:30 p.m. Refreshments will be provided by Chick-fil-A for each session.

For more details about Financial Peace University and other courses offered by Dave Ramsey, please visit www.daveramsey.com.

WHEN: Informational meeting:

Monday, Sept. 20, 2010

6:30 p.m.

Registration fees due by:

Monday, Sept. 27, 2010

10:30 p.m.

Course begins:

Monday, Oct. 11, 2010

6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Chick-fil-A at Davenport

2945 E 53rd St

Davenport, IA 52807

(563) 355-1742


Friend us on Facebook

Heritage Church: Bettendorf campus

2700 Middle Rd, Bettendorf, IA 52722





Ajay  Singh, President of the Bettendorf Public Library Foundation Board of Directors,  announced today the addition of two new Board members.


Elisabeth Norwood, a graduate of Wharton School of Business, has a Masters in International Studies as well as a B.A. in Oriental Studies. With a background in Financial Analysis and Planning, she will be an enormous asset to the Foundation Board.   Elisabeth is now a community volunteer  serving with the Boy Scouts, The Girl Scouts and The Junior League of the Quad Cities.   As a  mother of 3, Norwood has had firsthand experience with the programming at the Bettendorf Library and has taken advantage of  numerous opportunities offered.


Ann Kappeler is the Chief Operating Officer at the American Red Cross.  She also serves on the Bettendorf Planning and Zoning Commission and is an active  member of Bettendorf Rotary. Ann had previously served on the Foundation board and has agreed to return to serve another term.  "Ann's leadership and commitment to our mission has really helped to take the Foundation to a new level and we are very grateful to welcome her back" said Ajay Singh, President.


Newly elected officers of the Foundation are:  President- Ajay Singh, Vice President- Dee James, Treasurer - Robyn vom Saal, and Secretary- Rachel Lanning.  Deborah Stafford serves as Executive Director and Pam Kistner is the Foundation Assistant. The Bettendorf Public Library Foundation is a 501(c) (3)  organization established in 1983 to seek private sector support for maintaining the excellence of programs and services offered by this premier Library.



Transloading facility will make QC more marketable to clean energy investments

Washington, DC - Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) announced today nearly $6.8 million for a new transloading facility in Davenport.  The award was granted to the City of Davenport and the Greater Davenport Redevelopment Corporation by the Economic Development Administration.

"As we continue to rebuild our economy, these infrastructure projects are key to creating jobs and stimulating private investment," Braley said. "This transloading facility will allow the Quad Cities to provide enhanced utilities and reliable rail access, allowing Eastern Iowa to attract new clean energy investments that bring high-skill, high-wage jobs to the our communities."

This EDA investment funds construction of a new transload facility, including all road, rail, water and sewer infrastructure, at the 114-acre, Interstate 80 airport industrial park.

# # #

Saturday, September 11, 2010 - St. John's Lutheran Church parking lot  - Noon to 5:00 P.M. - Rain or shine

(Rock Island, IL) - The 18th Annual East End Neighborhood Fair will be held on Saturday, September 11, 2010 from noon to 5:00 p.m. at St. John's Lutheran Church, 4501 7th Avenue, Rock Island.

It is a neighborhood fair sponsored by organizations serving students attending Longfellow School and residents living in Keystone and surrounding Rock Island and Moline neighborhoods.

The purpose of the fair is to provide safe and fun activities for people of all ages at a minimal cost. It is also a chance for people to learn about area wide community services and programs.

Included in plans for the fair is a petting zoo, magician, jugglers, electric car display, bouncing house, elasto-run, and many games for children. Music will be provided. Food and beverage booths will also be plentiful. Community Caring Conference (CCC) will be present to provide child identification documents for parent's safe keeping.

The KeyStone Neighborhood Association will be sponsoring their annual FREE plant exchange. Fair attendees are encouraged to bring a house or outdoor plant to exchange for another type of plant.

Community agencies will have informational material regarding their programs and services.

Make plans to attend this annual neighborhood event. If you can volunteer the day of the fair, please contact Karen Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator, (309) 737-6125 or anderson.karen@yahoo.com.


Eastern Illinois Project to Create More than 250 Jobs; Serve 7,000 Businesses, 700 Community Institutions

DANVILLE - August 31, 2010. Governor Pat Quinn today celebrated a $12 million federal award to expand broadband access in rural eastern Illinois communities. Supported by Illinois Jobs Now! capital funding, the federal award will enable Danville-based Cellular Properties, Inc. to expand broadband service, creating approximately 267 jobs, and serving more than 7,000 businesses and 700 community institutions.

"Building information infrastructure brings new jobs, education, health and public safety opportunities to underserved areas," said Governor Quinn. "These types of public-private partnerships are critical for our economy, and for our future."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service awarded Cellular Properties, Inc. more than $12 million in grant and loan funding toward the project, which will allow the company to expand its 3G wireless broadband service to 11 rural communities.

The nearly $24 million project received a $1 million boost from Governor Quinn's Illinois Jobs Now!  public works program. The state funding will be administered by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Cellular Properties will also contribute roughly $11 million in private investment for the expansion, which will nearly double its number of cellular towers by 2013.

The Danville-based project is one of 13 broadband expansion awards secured for Illinois since February. These awards represent more than $250 million of investment in the Illinois economy, including $167 million in federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.

Thousands of institutions, including schools, hospitals, libraries, and police and fire stations, in more than 80 Illinois counties will directly benefit from these awards. In total, the projects will create or retain more than 2,000 new Illinois jobs.

A longtime advocate of broadband-based opportunities in Illinois, Governor Quinn made funding for technology projects a priority and included it in the Illinois Jobs Now! capital program. For more information, visit Broadband.Illinois.gov.


Skip-a-Long Child Development Services officially turned 40 years old on August 24th.  An East Moline church opened its doors to  one student in 1970 and grant monies from the state, local churches, individuals, businesses and the Deere Foundation.  Today there are four campuses in the Quad Cities serving more than 1200 children on a daily basis.

The centers are celebrating throughout the month of September with four separate parties....with a big celebration scheduled for the Moline campus on September 30th from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm.  As a way to celebrate its past and look forward to its future the centers are putting out the call for all alumni to come visit the campus they attended years ago.

The center came about after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.  There was a group of concerned citizens worried about the working poor and came up with the idea of subsidized child care so kids at risk would have a safe, nuturing place to go during the day.  Volunteers and churches started it and the centers are still being run by volunteer boards. The centers are seeing 2nd and 3rd generations.