Moline: Renew Moline currently has three contracts with Vandewalle & Associates. The first, worth $35,000, is an update of the Moline Center Plan, which is expected to be finished by late winter. The second, also worth $35,000, is for implementation of the Moline Center Plan. The third contract is a retainer agreement. Vandewalle & Associates has been intimately involved with redevelopment efforts in Moline since the John Deere Commons project.

East Moline: REDEEM (Revitalize and Develop East Moline) has an open-ended planning-and-development-services contract with Vandewalle & Associates for the creation of The Quarter, which will include five "districts." The plan includes construction of a marina, a Mississippi River interpretive center, and a regional sports complex. REDEEM Executive Vice President Lyn Paris declined to say how much money East Moline has spent with Vandewalle & Associates since it first contracted with the firm in 1997, but he said the amount was "significant."

Davenport, Bettendorf, and Scott County: Through the City of Davenport, Vandewalle & Associates has a contract to write the Iowa Quad Cities' application for the Vision Iowa Program. The contract is authorized at $32,000, but that amount is expected to be increased at the December 20 city-council meeting. Each of the three governmental bodies will pay a third of the contract. Vision Iowa is a $180 million state program in which communities can receive up to $75 million apiece for major tourism projects. The Iowa Quad Cities proposal for Vision Iowa will include such things as a new Davenport Museum of Art, an Imax movie theatre, and the renovation of John O'Donnell stadium in Davenport, as well as a performing-arts center in Bettendorf. The application is expected to be finished in January.

Davenport: Vandewalle & Associates recently completed a $27,000 contract with DavenportOne for an opportunity analysis for downtown Davenport and is now on retainer with the organization for thousands of dollars per month. The analysis suggests that Davenport create six interconnected "districts" to attract people to the downtown and recommends a number of major projects, including a new Davenport Art Museum and improvements to John O'Donnell Stadium. (Those projects comprise most of the Davenport components of the Vision Iowa proposal.) The report also suggests that the city renovate the Redstone building and turn it into "Mississippi Jazz Heritage Center," a museum celebrating the area's musical heritage.

Quad City International Airport: Vandewalle & Associates has fulfilled a contract for new signage for the airport and to create a new layout for its parking. Vandewalle also had a $40,000 contract (jointly with Gere Dismer Architects) to develop complementary corporate-art and advertising concepts for the airport. According to Bruce Carter, the Metropolitan Airport Authority's director of aviation, the airport will probably also use Vandewalle to create "transitions" between the old and new airport terminals.

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