Last year, the City of Davenport developed and submitted its Vision Iowa application to the state and received a $20 million grant for various components. This weekend, the public will get its first real opportunities to guide portions of the massive downtown-revitalization project.
While the process has not been as public as those to develop a concept for the River Music Center and to choose a firm for the skybridge, the city's effort to develop new plans for its property at 53rd Street and Eastern Avenue is moving forward.
Local business and political leaders fear that to gain a few thousandths of one percent of the state's budget, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack is threatening the economic balance of the Quad Cities. As part of his budget proposal two weeks ago, Vilsack announced a tax-policy change that could hamper efforts to attract businesses and workers to the Iowa Quad Cities.
The ThinPrep 2000 System, which prepares the ThinPrep® Pap Test, is intended as a replacement for the 50 year old Pap smear, the most widely used cancer screening test. More than 100 million Pap tests are performed annually worldwide.
As an undergraduate in the mid-1980s at what was then Marycrest College, I was given the basic foundation of a liberal-arts education. I had learned logic, ethics, morals, and, on a good day, something about computers.
When the Iowa legislature convenes next week, it should expect a new round of lobbying from the state's grocers to repeal the state's "Bottle Bill" - the recycling/litter-control law that requires a five-cent deposit on containers for beer, soda, wine, and other beverages.
If 2001 is, in America, the Year That Changed Everything, the same label might apply to the past 12 months in the Quad Cities, but for much different reasons. Rightly, one day in 2001 casts a massive shadow over the other 364.
When Scott County studied the issue of a new jail five years ago, most of the people on the project worked in the criminal-justice system and knew the problems of the jail and its annex intimately. That turned out to be a problem.
Davenport City Administrator Craig Malin, in concert with the Economic Development staff, has wasted no time responding to a September city council mandate for staff to prepare a course of action relative to the city-owned property at 53rd and Eastern.
A few years ago, nobody would have paid any attention to Clyde Cleveland. Had he run for Iowa governor in 1998 under the Libertarian banner, he would have been ignored by the media and the other candidates, and the public would have probably seen his name for the first time when they voted.