W hen discussing the planned Quad City Arts literary magazine Buffalo Carp, the person in charge talks about the area's rich literary culture, but this fish is also looking for a bigger pond. "It seems that someplace this literary should have something like this," said Leslie Thompson, Quad City Arts administrator for advancement & literary arts.
A lot of movie theatres give lip service to independent and foreign-language movies, but few actually follow through. The new Nova 6 theatre in Moline is making a six-week, 11-film commitment to art-house movies starting October 10, and it features nearly every noteworthy "little" movie of the summer.
Approximately 85 people attended the Premiere Party for City Opera Company of the Quad Cities, at which Mark Elliot and Rosanne Duncombe-Elliott sang. It was the first public performance of what the group's leaders hope is the no-longer-absent element in the Quad Cities' arts scene.
Editor's note: There has been incessant media coverage of last week's terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., but it seems that many questions have gone unasked or unanswered. We've collected some perspectives that we think address some important issues, as well as general reflections.
The United States risks a severe miscalculation in dealing with the destruction of the World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon last week. This event is not an isolated instance of violence. This is not an "act of war.
Our enemy now has a name. And it's not Osama bin Laden. Vice President Dick Cheney told the nation Sunday morning, during his appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, that the United States is focused upon the international terrorist organization known as Al-Qaida.
While the shock of last week's terrorist attacks on the United States are still fresh in the minds of virtually everyone, this weekend will give the community plenty of chances to re-connect with neighbors and friends at a host of social and sporting events.
The issue of predatory lending has captured the attention of legislators nationwide. At least 25 states have introduced bills this year to combat abusive lending, and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is pledging to do the same in Iowa.

The Money Pit

Part one of two On August 13, Greg Hoover, the director of housing and neighborhood development for the City of Davenport, presented a powerful report to the city council painting a disturbing picture of how people with poor credit are being exploited.
When she began dancing with CMBT two years ago, Erica Christensen found that the company was not well-known in the Quad Cities. "No one even knew there was a ballet company around," she said. At the time, CMBT: Quad Cities Professional Ballet Company had four dancers.