Efforts to prevent lenders from exploiting people with spotty credit histories are gaining momentum on a national level, as well as in Illinois and Iowa. Last week, the Federal Reserve Board agreed to tighter regulations on "predatory lending," in which financial institutions use a combination of high interest rates and unusual terms to make it difficult for borrowers to build equity in their homes.
Moline: Renew Moline currently has three contracts with Vandewalle & Associates. The first, worth $35,000, is an update of the Moline Center Plan, which is expected to be finished by late winter. The second, also worth $35,000, is for implementation of the Moline Center Plan.
Clad in his signature bow tie, standing before approximately 150 members of Daven-portOne at a breakfast last week, Brian Vandewalle sketched out his vision for revitalizing downtown Davenport. The presentation included a slide show and plenty of colorful buzzwords, from the "golden rectangle" to "economic constellations" to "the silicon prairie.
Although he won't be lounging in an open convertible with Eric Clapton at the wheel like on the cover of his new album, the legendary B.B. King will be riding into Davenport in his custom bus next week. The elder statesman of the blues is returning to the Adler Theater on Monday for a 7:30 pm stop on his 75th birthday tour.
Even with the ultimate result still unclear, last week's election showed some contradictory things about the state of progressive politics in the United States: They still matter, and there's a lot of work to do if the movement is going to overcome its fragmentation.
Mike Bladel's short, strange trip from Scott County sheriff (and unopposed candidate for re-election) to Davenport police chief ended November 1 with a unanimous stamp of approval from the city council. But the ease of confirmation didn't wipe away lingering questions about the failure of a nationwide search, the actions of the city administrator, and the motivation for Bladel's move east down Fourth Street.
What are the three most pressing issues likely to face your government body during your term, and what specifically would you support to address them? Madden: Eliminate any spending, programs, and agencies not authorized by the Constitution.
Looking for the one ingredient that'll make your Web site "sticky" - that elusive amalgam of graphics, text, and audio that keeps online visitors from leaving? The answer lies in online content, and of all the Internet truisms, the truest is the Content Is King.
I ask Carter Brown where he wants to take his Lazer Vaudeville troupe. "Australia," he says. I clarify the question: artistically. He thinks for a moment and says that he and his two collaborators have been working on a piece that is as much about percussion as it is juggling, "actually creating music" with the objects being juggled and a sound processor.

Is Crime Back?

The refrain has gotten pretty old, to the point that most people react with indifference. Crime is down. Crime falls even more. Crime drops again. That's true nationwide, in Illinois and Iowa, and in the Quad Cities.