Two local arts groups are joining forces on an ambitious public-art project in the remodeled Quad City International Airport. The key remaining issue is raising enough money to turn the vision into reality. The Quad City International Airport's eight-member board voted unanimously July 18 to team up with Quad City Arts and MidCoast Fine Arts to populate the renovated airport with both permanent and rotating artwork and exhibits.
Eddie Condon was as much a wisecracker as a guitar player, but when he met Bix Beiderbecke, his irony took the first train. "The players fell over themselves greeting Beiderbecke," he reported in his 1947 memoir We Called It Music.

KBOB radio personality Mike Kenneally has reason to be unhappy with his employer. He was let go from the country station in January 1999 because management was "basically firing salaries," he said. When he was re-hired in August with a pay cut, he says he was verbally promised some things by Connoisseur Communications, the station's owner.

Last week, the 7th District Judicial Court upheld Davenport's Zoning Board of Adjustments' (ZBA) rulings (November/December 1999) that declared five of Revolutions' billboard placements out of compliance with Davenport's zoning ordinances.
In this giddy era of Internet success where multimillionaires are made over night and company valuations triple every 5 days, no one is more giddier than Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of In it's fifth year of existence, Seattle-based Amazon.