Welcome to the inaugural Quad Cities Dining Guide, published by the River Cities' Reader.

These 20 pages are meant to answer one deceptively simple question: What's for dinner?

The fact is that there are many issues tied up in those three words. What am I hungry for? Does the restaurant have a Web site? Can I get a vegetarian entrée in a smoke-free environment? Do they deliver? Can I afford to eat there? Will they take my check? Can I get a martini with my meal? Do I need a reservation? Do I need to dress up? Is it still open?

This guide answers all those questions and more. We've compiled information on roughly 450 places to eat in the Quad Cities area, from high-test, four-star restaurants to fast-food joints.

Included is:

• Each restaurant's name, address, phone number, Web site, and kitchen hours;

• Information about the restaurant's ownership, whether it has a separate bar, whether it offers catering, delivery, and take-out, and whether it is available for private parties;

• Each restaurant's specialties, and honors it has won; and

• Symbols representing check and credit-card options, prices, nonsmoking section, alcohol options, quick lunches, and vegetarian entrées. (A key to the symbols is found on this page and in several other places throughout the guide.)

We've made every effort to be as comprehensive and accurate as possible, but mistakes and oversights happen. If you find an error or omission, contact us at (food@rcreader.com) with the corrected information. Please put the words "Dining Guide" in the subject line.

We're also open to suggestions for improving this guide, which we plan to publish twice every year in the River Cities' Reader. Send us a note at (food@rcreader.com) with your ideas.


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