• In response to the growing need for volunteer blood donors, the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC) is opening a Rock Island-based community blood center at 3850 Blackhawk Road, Suites 5 and 7. Hours will be on Wednesdays from noon until 5 p.

In Davenport: Community Development Committee (Thursday, March 1, 4pm):
• First Consideration of two petitions on the Consent Agenda being considered from THF Reality for rezoning of 37.

• Bills have been introduced in the Iowa legislature that would prohibit to varying degrees the inspection of public records concerning permits to purchase handguns and concealed weapons. A bill introduced by Representative Bob Brunkhorst, R-Waverly, would make private all information gathered from those who receive such permits.

At a public hearing on February 5, three people pleaded with the members of the Davenport City Council to grant funding to the Youth Alternative Program.

"We keep young people off the streets, out of trouble," said Ida Johnson of Family Services' Youth Alternative Program.

The Hubble Space Telescope is more than just an instrument to record pictures and data from outer space. In the words of cosmologist Richard G. Kron, it's "like a time machine."
The Hubble Space Telescope is more than just an instrument to record pictures and data from outer space.

· Some Davenport aldermen are pushing for stricter regulation of adult entertainment. A proposal that might be before the full council by the time you read this would require customers to be visible at all times in movie-viewing booths.

During last week's council cycle, Davenport Adlermen Wayne Hean and Roland Caldwell introduced amendments to the city's two ordinances that govern business licensing and zoning for adult entertainment. According to Alderman Hean, "The motivation behind these amendments has been to eradicate the ancillary criminal activities that tend to proliferate in neighborhoods where adult entertainment businesses are located, such as drug dealing and prostitution.

Consultants have told Davenport City officials that $144 million needs to be spent over the next 50 years for sewer repairs. An estimated $18 million will need to spent on 16 projects in the next five years, with most of them aimed at preventing raw sewage from backing up into homes.

A $25 million class-action civil-rights lawsuit filed by three African Americans against the City of Rock Island faces an uphill battle in court, according to people familiar with similar challenges.
On January 18, three men filed a class-action lawsuit seeking $25 million in damages and asking the federal district court to overturn a Rock Island city ordinance forbidding drivers from playing their car stereos loudly.

The Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science recently started construction of its IMAX 3-D theatre. Over the next several months, the construction schedule will focus on earthwork and pouring foundations. Once the critical winter months are through, the construction team will have more information on the remainder of the construction schedule, including an opening date for the theatre.