The story of LeClaire Ambulance took a recent twist when the service's supervisor of operations quit after the company was shut down by the State of Iowa for failing to comply with an agreement with the Iowa Department of Public Health's Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.

MidAmerican Energy drew a bull's eye on
its back, scheduling a series of forums
throughout Iowa allowing customers to vent about the high price of heating their homes this winter. The company tried to shift blame to natural-gas producers and traders, but they still got plenty of customer rage.

The city of Davenport will hold a public-input session on Wednesday, January 10, for the two parking garages that will be constructed downtown. The session, to be held at 7 p.m. in the Illinois/Ohio Rooms at the RiverCenter North, will cover traffic patterns, pedestrian ways, skywalks, and exterior and interior design.

Palmer College of Chiropractic was recently awarded a $1.7 million federal grant to assist in a major expansion of library and learning-resource facilities on its Davenport campus. The grant, which is the second major federal award for Palmer in recent months, was included in the final version of the Senate Labor, Health & Human Services appropriations bill.

Ready for a night on the town in the new duds that Santa brought you? Watch out, because the Fashion Police might get you.
These gendarmes of good taste work the doors at Quad City nightclubs and enforce a plethora of dress codes working hand-in-glove with local police departments to keep street-gang activity out.

Starting next week, some taxpayers in Illinois are actually going to have some rights with their municipalities.
On January 1, home-rule municipalities in the state will be required to have a Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights ordinance on the books because of state legislation passed earlier this year.

The largest single financial gift in the history of the Quad Cities was given to the Davenport Museum of Art Foundation earlier this month. The $12 million donation was received from the Figgie Foundation and will be used for construction, operations, and programming costs for the new museum, scheduled to open in downtown Davenport in the fall of 2003.

Chuck Trapkus

On December 21, 2000, Chuck Trapkus - a longtime Catholic Worker and peace and justice activist from Rock Island - died in an automobile accident on a highway east of the Quad Cities. Chuck is survived by a sister, Linda, and two sons Isaac and Paul.

The identification of improper zoning relative to at least 83 properties in the City of Davenport could be just the beginning of serious legal consequences for the city. In 1997, the Iowa Legislature amended Iowa Code 380.

Like many of you, I'm still buying last-minute gifts and re-wrapping presents I don't really want given by people I don't really like. Which means that if you're on my Christmas list, there might very well be a Mr.