This is the second in a series of twelve novels which follows six individuals who play a crucial role in the fulfillment of an apocalyptic prophecy

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - From the fertile imagination of author Yvette Araujo comes "Origin," an apocalyptic novel opens the thoughts of readers to aspects of life they never thought about. With a compelling and unpredictable story arc, this work of fiction explores the human condition in a setting so desolate. It cleverly melds fiction, history and religion to present a convincing portrait of the end of days.

Set against the backdrop of fictional cities of Modos and Harramog, this book follows the plight of six ordinary people who have long met their demise. Not knowing they are dead and are ancient beings from a million years ago, they now face the age old prophecy of the end of days. These characters are in conflict and torn between their past human lives and their new lives as protectors of mankind. Now, they are part of each other and without each of their supernatural powers, they cannot succeed in fulfilling the prophecy.


An excerpt from "Origin":

Zane watched as Morningstar's beauty transformed into The Red Beast?eyes that once glowed with brilliance, turned black and hollow and devoid of the light.

Morningstar disappeared and was immediately delivered on his knees before Him. Morningstar tried to stand but could not rise. In a language only known to the angels, Morningstar was told that the name Morningstar would never be spoken again, and would be forgotten by all. Morningstar, once an angel of amazing beauty, became a stone figure that fell to ash.

With the battle of good versus evil taken to new heights, this book examines different cultures and religions and how people perceive differences. Packed with action, tension and scenes of dystopia, "Origin" is a page-turner certain to please fiction fans and enthusiasts.

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About the Author

Yvette Araujo has always had a grand fondness for history and the arts.  She writes and directs shorts.  She has a background in psychology. Araujo makes her home between the West Coast and Europe.


ORIGIN * by Yvette Araujo

Publication Date: October 31, 2013

Trade Paperback; $19.99; 151 pages; 978-1-4931-0328-7

Trade Hardback; $29.99; 151 pages; 978-1-4931-0329-4

e-book; $3.99; 978-1-4931-0330-0

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