Churches United is a Christian Organization who in part helps feed the hungry and shelter women and children in the Quad City Area.  To date this year they have served 45,531 individuals by way of emergency food pantries, served over 12,000 people at 3 meals sites, and sheltered 1527 lodging to a total of 128 women and children.  Winnie's Place stands for Women In Need Nurtured Into Excellence. The program is designed to not only provide shelter, but to help women to survive on their own once out of shelter.

Thank you Quad Cities for your many years of financial and volunteer support as Churches United has worked to meet the rising needs of hunger and shelter in the Quad Cities communities.  As you can imagine, it takes significant financial resources to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.  The community has been generous through donations to the various programs to address human need in the area.  Yet with a decrease in grant income has placed a decided pressure on other areas of income.  We are asking our communities for assistance to assure that families are able to continue to find food when they need it; that women with or without children can find a safe place to re-start their lives in a safe environment. Currently Churches United is facing a $30,000 short-fall in important income areas so the question arises:  Will you, the community help Churches United provide the food and the shelter that is so desperately needed?

Here are some thoughts about the importance of Winnie's Place, the Women's Shelter of Churches United, from someone who found hope within its walls.

I was invited to come back to Winnie's so I could get my kids back.  Well, I moved back in on a Tuesday and by Friday, I got my first weekend with 3 of my children.  Then I got to keep the youngest forever!  The twins came only on weekends for the next three weeks - now they are with me forever as well.  As for my oldest, he is back in town and is staying with my mother.  I'm not allowed to keep him overnight yet but soon I hope.  I also found a 3 bedroom, 2 baths plus a garage for 'low' through section 8.  YEAH!  We move on the 4th, which is today.  I thank God and Winnie's Place so much because without their belief in me I couldn't have done it!  I remember when I first came here - I was so unsure.  Ya'll made it possible for me to start getting' my babies back.  Thank you.  I am forever grateful and couldn't have done all this without your support, through all my yelling, and crying to you.

Will you, the community, help Winnie's Place continue the ability to provide the hope that is so desperately needed in this community and the world?  Will you, the community, provide the resources to see that those who are hungry find the food that is needed?  We invite you to consider helping us meet the needs for the next 50 years and beyond.  It is easy to donate simply go to the Churches United website - - and utilize the "donate" button.  A Donation can also be made by mailing a check to:

Churches United

2535 Tech Drive

Suite 205

Bettendorf, IA 52722



Rev. Ronald C. Quay, Executive Director


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