Glass Heritage, LLC, is pleased to announce the hiring of James D. "Jimi" Lee to fill the newly createdposition of studiomanager.

Jimi comes to us from Staten Island, New York, where he amassed 15 years of stained glass experience as a hobbyist and while working for Stained Glass Imagery, a studio similar in scope to Glass Heritage.

His historic preservation credits include windows by the renowned stained glass artist David Mailand Armstrong and Nicola D'Ascenzo, the panels in the dome at the U.S. Patent Office, along with other historic stained glass from a wide variety of landmark churches and public buildings in the northeast.

Jimi will be moving to Davenport at the first of the year when he will begin his duties with Glass Heritage, LLC.

The addition of Jimi to our staff allows us to expand our capabilities and adds new dimension and techniques.  His hands-on approach to his work and his experience are a welcome addition to the growth of our company, which is steadily expanding its market area.

Glass Heritage, LLC specializes in the restoration and preservation of historic stained glass as well as custom stained glass and etched glass commissions.  We are a fully accredited studio with the Stained Glass Association of America, as well as members of the Art Glass Association, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the American Glass Guild.

Glass Heritage, LLC is located at 234 West 3rd Street, Davenport, Iowa 52801.  We can be reached at 563-324-4300 or


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