Cafe Fresh, Moline, IL - November 17th 5pm-8pm

MOLINE, Ill. – William James Herath is a Los Angeles based author raising awareness of Wells4Wellness, Inc. by celebrating the release of his latest book entitled:


About William James Herath: He is a QCA native that has been living in Los Angeles since 1999.  He and his wife have two children and have been married since 2001.  William just wrote his second book, keeps a blog entitled, and has appeared as an actor in over 40 television commercials.  He currently is in two national network spots for Nissan and Verizon.  In his free time, William walks the slackline and goes freediving for lobster.

Being a father of middle school students that are being taught evolution in public school, Herath began to educate himself on the subject.  He discovered the federally funded Next Generation Science Standards to require evolution, but do not provide a standard definition.  The National Academy of Sciences has also failed to produce a concise and scientifically agreed upon definition.  Shockingly, Charles Darwin himself did not define evolution in his most famous work, ORIGIN OF SPECIES.  Herath asks many questions, but his most recent title “WHAT IS EVOLUTION?” seems most pressing to him.

***The book signing party is scheduled for Thursday, November 17th from 5 to 8 p.m. at Cafe Fresh, 1514 5th Avenue, Moline, IL 61265.

***Appetizers will be served free of charge.  Drinks and Herath’s book will be available for purchase and proceeds will go to benefit QCA based charity Wells4Wellness, Inc.

About Wells4Wellness, Inc.: A nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving the health of rural Niger, Africa by drilling modern water wells. The organization has a goal of drilling 33 wells to help the people of Niger gain access to clean, safe drinking water. For further information, please visit or phone 309-236-1301.

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