For 30 years, May has been proclaimed Motorcycle Awareness Month in the State of Illinois.  

ABATE of Illinois, Inc (A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education) is once again striving to provide a safe, unrestricted motorcycling environment in the State of Illinois, community by community.  May is designated as Motorcycle Awareness Month through proclamations issued by many local and county governments.  Blackhawk Chapter currently works with the Mayors of East Moline, Rock Island and Moline to obtain proclamations.  

Blackhawk Chapter of ABATE of Illinois would like to remind everyone that motorcycles will be out on the roads in numbers again.  During the winter, there are a lot more cars and trucks out on the road than motorcycles.  Because of that, motorists are used to looking for cars and trucks, and may not expect to see or may not “recognize” a motorcycle.  

ABATE of Illinois also urges all motorcyclists to ride responsibly.  Motorcyclists are encouraged to take the IDOT Cycle Rider Training Program, either as a new rider, or as a refresher course for more experienced riders.  ABATE of Illinois discourages the use of alcohol or drugs while operating or riding on a motorcycle.  Do not drink and ride. 

ABATE of Illinois believes that education is the key to and most effective in reducing accidents.  Here is some information regarding our motorcycle safety and education programs and some tips about watching for and interacting with motorcycles.

ABATE Of Illinois and Education Programs:

ABATE of Illinois presents motorcycle awareness programs for new and inexperienced drivers, which teaches them how to watch for and interact with motorcyclists.  Blackhawk Chapter visits several area high school drivers education classes with this program.  It consists of a video, handouts, safety tips, a question and answer session, as well as information on rider education classes.  It is a fast paced, very informative class.  

The motorcycle awareness program is also easily adapted to cater to the more experienced, as well as professional drivers.  If interested in this program, please visit to find contact information for our safety and education coordinator.

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