Mia - Metall metalsmithing showcases working studio, original and unique jewelry

Kim Pierce, owner of Mia-Metall, has displayed her works and sold her unique offerings to many satisfied customers at Davenport’s Farmers Market. Many of those customers suggested she establish a “bricks and mortar” presence, where she could do her metalsmithing in a studio setting as well as display her beautifully crafted products.

In looking for space, she knew she wanted to be near the Farmer’s market and in an arts-centered environment that was affordable for a start-up business. She found a space, at 1519 Harrison Street in the Hilltop Campus Village, and is inviting all to an Open House on March 11, from 11am to 6pm. Customers, residents and other businesses in and around the neighborhoods are welcome to stop by and visit.

“We are delighted to have Ms. Pierce open her place of business here.” said Director of the Hilltop Scott Tunnicliff. “The owners of the retail spaces in this area know what they are looking for in a tenant mix, and Mia-Metall is one of those artistic endeavors where value-added products are made and sold. It is one more example of the mix of businesses that are destination points that can lead to visit other places close by.”

Kim is busy getting organized. “ I’ve been operating as a metalsmith for the past year and a half under the name “KK Pierce Designs. Perhaps any customers that visited me at the Freight House Market would recognize the name.”

For reference, Mia-Metall is located on the east side of Harrison Street, next to Flipped Out Furniture, and close to Joe’s Barbershop, Big River Bindery, Zeke’s Island Café and Superstars and Superheroes Comic Book Store. All are on same block, and parking is just across the street. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Kim directly at her new business office, 563 320 0066.