San Diego, CA - October 23, 2014 - Every team has goals, every player has goals, every Coach knows that goals result in better performance. Whether those goals are physical or academic, everyone knows proper goal setting works.  Unfortunately, the ability to monitor and track goal progress is not as easy as it would seem.  Coaches can teach their players to set goals, but usually the best result is a goal sheet taped to the inside of a gym locker.  How often the goals are read is hard to determine and making sure they were written down correctly isn't always easy.  My Goal Mine, a web based service and fully functional application, provides student athletes, teams, and their coaches, a platform to track and accomplish all of their goals.

My Goal Mine's web based platform and App allows student athletes to set SMART goals, allows coaches to track their goal progress, and even allows coaches to assign goals. By assigning goals, a coach can help a player in an area that needs attention, such as having a player read for two hours a day, or see a tutor for a specific subject they might be having trouble with.,  The coach can then track the progress.  Every day the player opens their email, or the My Goal Mine APP to read their goals, the player gets a point. The teams coach has a dashboard showing how many goals each player has and how many points they have accrued.   Student Athletes can even share their goal achievement or show their peers what goals they are trying to obtain by posting on Social Media sites such as Facebook.
The Goal Setting Platform provides businesses such as popular local Eateries, local Real Estate Agents, Sporting Goods Shops, or other SMBs the ability to sponsor the high school or college.  The sponsorship is affordable and provides sponsors the ability to reach the local student athletes by having their logo and hyperlink displayed on each players' goal setting page.   Every day the student athletes read their goals, the local SMB gets an impression.  Moreover, when a student athlete wants to share goal achievement--or goals they are trying to accomplish--on a Social Media platform such as Facebook, the SMB is recognized as the schools sponsor.  This high exposure, affordable sponsorship will allow every student athlete and coach across the nation to have a web/APP based goal setting program.  The school wins, the players win, and the local SMB wins. It is truly a win/win/win situation.

In the first beta test of the My Goal Mine App student athletes reported a raise in GPA by a full .6; meaning if a student was getting a 2.0, it jumped to a 2.6 by the end of the season.  The power of goal setting is the surest way to elevate performance. Every business owner knows the importance of goals; and fortunately with todays' technology, local business owners can help every player across the nation learn and reap the benefits of proper goal setting.

To help your local student athletes please visit:


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