I've been traveling the state, talking about how we need to get Iowa growing by investing in education.

It looks to me like things are getting worse.

This is a headline in the Des Moines Register: "Iowa State University seeks 7 percent annual tuition hike for each of the next 5 years."

That's an incredible hike that a lot of Iowa students won't be able to afford. Instead of investing in the education of our children, we're pricing them out of a college degree. And Iowa State is being forced to make the increase - at least in part - because Governor Reynolds is mismanaging the budget, and now Iowa State is not getting the funds they need from the state.

The article went on to say that Iowa State's ability to offer "some of the nation's top-ranked programs [is] at risk."

It's not just top educational programs that politicians are putting at risk. The future of our state is at risk. I'm running for Governor to make sure our schools have the resources to provide our students with a top-notch education.

President Allen said that his tuition hike proposal could be modified if the state increases the school's funding. Let's make sure politicians in Des Moines hear our voices on this.

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Fred Hubbell