Des Moines, IA- At the Iowa Democratic Party’s Fall Gala, State Senator Nate Boulton, Democratic candidate for governor, presented his vision forward during his speech, and showcased his broad base of support from throughout the state. Boulton hosted a pre-event, welcoming his supporters with a live band of local teachers and speeches from his wife, Andrea, and himself. He then led a march of almost 1000 supporters into the main event to the sounds of chants and thunder-sticks. At the Gala, at least one third of the crowd were Boulton supporters who made their voices heard throughout the night.

During Boulton’s Gala speech, which was focused on Democrats’ need to stand up and fight back against the Republican agenda and push forward to win in 2018, the Senator laid out policy topics he plans to pursue during the 2018 legislative session. The topics of these policies include, but are not limited to access to portable pensions, paid family leave, continuing to push to reopen the mental health institutes closed by the Branstad/Reynolds administration, adequately funding schools, equal pay for equal work, and expanding workplace and union rights.

With endorsements from over 30 labor unions, the Asian and Latino Coalition, 22 sitting legislators, and over 200 notable activists across the state, Boulton has a wave of organic momentum behind his campaign.

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