Kim Reynolds Endorses GOP Tax Scam Despite Damage It Would Do to Working Iowans

Des Moines, IA – As the Senate prepares to vote on the Republicans’ tax scam bill to raise taxes on millions of working Americans, Governor Kim Reynolds is putting her political party and special interest backers ahead of Iowa families who would be hurt by this plan.
People all across Iowa agree that this plan would be a disaster for working families and the Iowa economy, but that didn’t stop Governor Reynolds from falling in line with her partisan special interest buddies.

“By backing a tax scam that would hurt Iowa’s economy and raise taxes on working families, Governor Reynolds shows how out of touch with Iowa she really is,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger. “Yet again, we see her putting partisan special interests over the needs of the families and businesses of our state by standing up for a plan that raises taxes on the middle class, gives away millions to the wealthy, and adds over a trillion dollars to the deficit. And yet again, it’s crystal clear that Kim Reynolds is wrong for Iowa.”

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