As an outreach to the community from the Lindsay Park meeting last May, a Steering Committee was formed and has been meeting to make recommendations for the park. The committee will preview the recommendations and seek additional public input at a public forum prior to presenting to the city council.

7:00 PM on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2009



States prepare for coming Continental Congress

Locals invited to become delegates, National Election Day October 10th

EVERY STATE, U.S.A., September 14, 2009 - Citizens fed up with constitutional violations causing devastation to the economy and the Nation, are stepping up to join constitutional activist Robert L. Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, to prepare for a modern-day Continental Congress to take place November 8-22, 2009 at the Pheasant Run Conference Center in St. Charles, Illinois.  Continental Congress 2009 is not political or partisan and seeks to defend, not amend, the current Constitution.

Billed as the "next appropriate step for the free people of America," planners hope the historic national assembly will inspire the critical mass necessary to restore constitutional governance. 153 citizen-nominated-and-elected Delegates - three from each state and Washington, D.C. -- will convene for two weeks to methodically and factually document constitutional abuses which have taken place over many years, across many administrations, every branch of government and both parties.   Delegates will consider specific non-violent, legal civic actions to stop the wrongs.

Citizens are invited to nominate delegates who have a "proven passion for the Constitution," by visiting .  "Perhaps you know a great patriot who is a neighbor, a family member, or associate," says Schulz.  Delegates will make their own way to Illinois, but room and board will be covered by donations.

Volunteers are busy securing polling places for Delegate Election Day, October 10, 2009. The election will be constitutionally valid using visible and transparent vote counting, an effort planners hope will eliminate the constitutionally invalid general electoral procedures currently in use.  Where polling places are not available, a mail-in ballot process will be offered.

To help finance the historic event, volunteers are planning a "Walk Down Main Street" campaign to visit local merchants in hometowns.  A .999 pure silver CC2009 commemorative round will be given for each donation of $100.00 or more. Planners are also seeking bigger donors they are calling the "patriotic, brave and wealthy" who "understand what Continental Congress can do for America."

The decision to convene CC2009 comes after fourteen years of filing Petitions for Redress with the federal government for repeated violations of the Constitution by We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, a national 501 c3 non-profit with headquarters in New York.  Schulz says The Right to petition was put in the First Amendment by the Founding Fathers, "who did not want Americans to ever again experience a situation where their individual rights or civil liberties were threatened."  To date, this Right has never been recognized by the government nor defined in any court of law.  Schulz says it must now be used to hold elected officials accountable to the rest of the Constitution "which will shift the power from the government back to The People where it belongs."

"Americans are waking up to the urgent need to stand strong for the Founding Principles and our Constitution, as every violation further devastates our economy and our way of life," says Schulz.  "We all desire the same outcome: restoration of our Nation.  Continental Congress 2009 is the only strategy we see that is not political or partisan, does not rely on the electoral process, and can bring peaceful and legal solutions to our current situation.  We hope this effort can be the catalyst that brings the freedom-loving people of America together at this critical time," he concludes.

Readers can learn more about We The People by going to For specific information on CC2009, to nominate delegates or volunteer for polling places, go to


Media Contact:  
Judith Whitmore - - 804 405 6505


We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education * We The People Congress

2458 Ridge Road * Queensbury, NY 12804 * *

National non-political, non-partisan, not-for-profit organizations for The People

We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education is a 501c3 organization that educates The People about the Declaration of Independence, every provision of federal and state constitutions, the sovereignty of The People whose Will the constitutions are designed to express; and the government They are meant to control through their constitutions.

We The People Congress is a 501c4 sister organization of constitutional activists committed to "institutionalizing" citizen vigilance through civic education, monitoring of governments, and organizing grassroots programs of civic resistance to confront and repel tyranny.

Their collective Mission is to resurrect the long-forgotten the First Amendment "Capstone Right" found in the Bill of Rights, as an exercise of the People's natural Right to Sovereignty over their servant governments, believing it is the profound, peaceful and constitutional solution that will save the Republic and restore Constitutional Order in America.

Beginning October 1, 2009, the drop-off recycling program in Rock Island County will no longer take glass.  The six-year old program recycles roughly 200 tons per month of paper products and mixed materials, such as plastics, metal and glass.  However, current economic conditions have resulted in poorer glass recycling markets, higher transportation costs and too great a cost to process glass, nearly tripling the cost of processing from the current price.

"It was a tough Board decision because glass has been an integral part of the drop-off program," said Gena McCullough, Rock Island County Waste Management Agency (RICWMA) Staff Coordinator.  By weight, glass represents 14-15% of the recycling volume.  The drop-off program began in 2003 to reduce landfilling of recyclable products, promote recycling, encourage reuse and purchasing recycled content materials, and improve the quality of the environment in Rock Island County.  Since 2003, over 17,000 tons have been diverted from the landfill.

City Carton Recycling was awarded a new five year contract by RICWMA to process and recycle plastics, metal and paper products including cardboard and box board.  Processing costs will rise from the current $36.75 per ton to $42 per ton in the first year, increasing annually to account for inflation over the five year term.  RICWMA administers the program and pays the cost of recycling through its solid waste fee assessed at the landfills in Rock Island County.

The regional collections sites include :

  • East Moline:  307 - 42nd Avenue at the fire station and 1200 - 13th Avenue at the city's Engineering and Maintenance Service Facility.
  • Milan:  451 West 4th Street
  • Moline:  3635 - 4th Avenue at the Public Works Department
  • Rock Island:  16th Avenue and 24th Street at the Water Treatment Plant

The communities of East Moline, Milan, Moline and Rock Island continue to host regional drop-off recycling collection sites as part of the program sponsored by RICWMA, a consortium of local governments in Rock Island County.  The program has been an excellent example of intergovernmental cooperation and cost effectiveness.

All residents living in Rock Island County can use any one of the five regional drop-off recycling sites within the county.  Recyclable materials are collected from each site through a two stream process.  To retain a viable recycling program, clean recyclable material is needed and highly valued.  With the downturn in the economy, marketing the best and cleanest recyclables helps retain jobs and allows the recycling industry to thrive.

Separate containers are provided for a mixture of plastics and metal containers, washed and clean, including:

  • Plastics #1-#5 and #7 (milk jugs, detergent, shampoo & liter bottles, food containers, etc.)
  • Steel cans and aluminum cans

Separate containers willl be provided for a mixture of fiber, including:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Chipboard or box board
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Mixed office paper
  • Phonebooks
  • Textbooks
  • Brown paper bags

Unacceptable items or garbage include glass, aerosol cans, any liquids, appliances, ashes, building materials or scraps, ceramic plates and cups, clothing, electronics, fiurniture, garbage, paint cans, plastic bags, Styrofoam, tires, toys, windows and mirrors, and yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings, sticks and brush.  A full description of what not to toss in the recycling bins is outlined on the agency website at

As part of the "no glass" restriction, City Carton Recycling is offering a recycling option for glass to be dropped off at their facility in Davenport.  Beginning October 1st, residents of Rock Island County can take their glass to City Carton Recycling, 4002 Kimmel Drive in the Davenport Industrial Park off of Rockingham Road and West River Drive.  Glass must be separated clear from colored.  The alternative is to throw glass away with the rest of their residential garbage.

For more information, Rock Island County residents can contact RICWMA at 309-788-8925 or visit their website at


GAITHERSBURG, Maryland -- The Izaak Walton League of America, a national leader in community-based conservation, presented former Rock Island Mayor Mark Schwiebert with the League's prestigious Honor Roll Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the conservation of America's natural and renewable resources.

Under the leadership of Mayor Mark Schwiebert, the city of Rock Island is going green. Mayor Schwiebert formed a City Hall Green Team to work on local sustainability. The city bought a fleet of hybrid vehicles and changed building codes to encourage green practices. The city also purchased an abandoned hydropower plant and is outfitting it with new turbines to create carbon-free power that will meet more than 50 percent of the city government's power needs. Mayor Schwiebert has encouraged citizens to plant rain gardens and otherwise reduce surface water runoff, and the city reimburses homeowners for a part of the cost. The city also worked with the Environmental Protection Agency to decontaminate two brownfields areas and turn them into city parks.

"Community-based conservation programs are critical to solving our current environmental crisis," says Mike Williams, the League's national president. "We are thankful for Mayor Schwiebert's initiatives on behalf of the citizens of Rock Island and proud to honor his service in protecting America's outdoors with this award."


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) today announced that Scott County has been awarded a $234,683 grant from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program.  Harkin has been a steadfast supporter of the grant program, which funds many drug fighting initiatives across the state.  Harkin is a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

"The people who put their lives on the line for us deserve our support and our gratitude," said Harkin. "This grant will help to keep them on the job, working to keep drugs off the street and our communities safe."

Details of the grant are as follows:

$234,683 to Scott County for the HIDE Unit, operating under the Quad Cities Metropolitan Enforcement Group (QCMEG). The county's goal is to reduce the amount of illegal narcotics available to the public and arrest those who distribute illegal narcotics.

The Byrne Grant Program, named after a police officer killed by a violent drug gang twenty years ago, is the only source of federal funding for multi-jurisdictional efforts to prevent and fight crime.  The program funds drug task forces that have been vital in reducing methamphetamine labs in Iowa and around the country. Byrne also helps pay for police, technology and crime prevention programs. The grants have resulted in major innovations in crime control, including drug courts, gang prevention strategies and prisoner reentry programs.


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) announced today that a total of $1,990,572 in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), also known as the Economic Recovery Package, has been released to Davenport and Bettendorf from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).  Harkin is a senior member of the Senate Subcommittee that funds transportation initiatives.

"Strengthening our municipal transit systems helps our citizens get around more efficiently and, at the same time, boosts the growth of Iowa's economy," said Harkin.  "These funds will allow the people of the Quad Cities to more easily get to work and run errands."

The Economic Recovery Package, signed into law by President Barack Obama on February 17, 2009, includes $36 million for transit capital improvements in Iowa.  This law implements the transit formula program related provisions of the ARRA and provides program and grant application requirements for these funds, to be made available through Federal Transit Administration (FTA) assistance programs.

Details of the grants are below.

Bettendorf- $539,497 to purchase three 30 foot ADA compliant, medium duty buses
Davenport- $1,451,075 to purchase four 35 foot light duty transit buses


RIVERSIDE, IOWA -- Thanks to the generosity of Dollar Tree, Inc., Operation Homefront Iowa is providing backpacks filled with back-to-school supplies to military families in need, including active duty, active reserve, and National Guard personnel.

"We are delighted to have the support of Dollar Tree as we work to assist military families in need. School is important to children's long-term success in life, and these supplies can make a big difference in the lives of children as they prepare to return to school," said Chapter President Michelle Reuss.

In addition, Congressman Dave Loebsack will be at the American Legion facility in Swisher on August 14 from 4-5 pm to help prepare backpacks. He will be at the same lo

Military families interested in participating in the program must first register online at:

Additional sponsors for this program include Hanover Direct and General Dynamics. Operation Homefront extends a warm thank you for the generosity of these organizations.

About Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront provides emergency and morale assistance for our troops, the families they leave behind and for wounded warriors when they return home. A nonprofit 501(c)(3), Operation Homefront leads more than 4,500 volunteers in 30 chapters nationwide, and has met more than 105,000 needs of military families. Operation Homefront also hosts the Web community Operation Homefront Online. For more information, please visit and

Washington, DC - Throughout August, Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) will host health care reform town hall meetings throughout the First Congressional District to seek constituents' input on healthcare reform legislation pending in Congress. Braley will discuss the House health care reform bill, listen to constituents' concerns, and take questions.

Braley is a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, a key committee of jurisdiction in the healthcare reform debate. In July, Braley held four healthcare reform town hall meetings?in Davenport, Dubuque, Oelwein, and Waterloo. By the end of August, Braley will have held 12 healthcare town hall meetings?one in each First District County?and two Congress on Your Corner meeting sessions.

Braley's town hall meetings on healthcare reform are free and open to the public.

Tuesday August 18, 2009

2:00pm: Jackson County Healthcare Town Hall at the Jackson County Regional Health Center, 700 W. Grove St., Maquoketa. (Please use South Entrance off Vermont Street when entering the facility)

Wednesday August 19, 2009

10:00am: Fayette Congress on Your Corner (one-on-one meetings with Rep. Braley) at Upper Iowa University's Garbee Hall, Fayette/Upper Iowa Room, 605 Washington St., Fayette.

1:30pm: Buchanan County Healthcare Town Hall, Independence Library, 805 1st Street E, Independence.

Wednesday August 26, 2009

1:00pm: Butler County Healthcare Town Hall, Aplington-Parkersburg Middle School Cafeteria, 215 - 10th St., Aplington.

3:00pm: Bremer County Healthcare Town Hall, Waverly Health Center Rooftop Garden, 312 - 9th Street SW, Waverly.

Monday August 31, 2009

10:00am: Clinton County Healthcare Town Hall at Ashford University's Durgin Center, 400 North Bluff Blvd., Clinton.

Wednesday September 2, 2009

9:30am: Delaware County Healthcare Town Hall, Regional Medical Center Conference Room, 709 W. Main St., Manchester.

2:00pm: Jones County Healthcare Town Hall, Lawrence Community Center, 600 E. Main St., Anamosa.

Friday September 4, 2009

1:30pm: Clayton County Healthcare Town Hall, Elkader Central Community School Auditorium, 400 - 1st St NW, Elkader.

4:00pm: Guttenberg Congress on Your Corner (one-on-one meetings with Rep. Braley), Guttenberg City Hall, 502 S. First St., Guttenberg.

# # #

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) will be traveling across the state this month on the Building Iowa's Future tour. This future of Iowa includes one where all Iowans will have access to affordable, quality health care and preventive care that can reduce chronic disease and rein in high health care costs; a future where Iowa leads the green economy and where our heroes get the benefits they deserve.

Senator Harkin will post daily entries chronicling his trip on his Senate website at

Details of events from August 8th through August 14th are below.

Saturday, August 8th - Des Moines

2:00pm: Harkin will visit Des Moines Primary Health Care, Inc., 1200 University Ave, Des Moines.

Harkin will visit Des Moines Primary Health Care to discuss progress being made on health reform in Washington and the important role Community Health Centers play in our state.

Sunday, August 9th - Ottumwa

Noon: Harkin will attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new Job Corps Center with Labor Secretary Solis at the Industrial Airport Complex, Ottumwa.

Senator Tom Harkin will join U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis at a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Job Corps Center in Ottumwa. Harkin worked to secure $25 million in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as the Recovery Act, for the completion of the Ottumwa Center.

Monday, August 10th - Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City

9:15am: Harkin will visit Peoples Community Health Center, 905 Franklin St, Waterloo.

Harkin will visit Peoples Community Health Center to discuss progress being made on health reform in Washington and the important role Community Health Centers play in our state.

11:30am: Harkin will attend the Grand Opening of Linn Community Care Center, 1201 3rd Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids.

Harkin will attend the grand opening of the Linn Community Care Center. Harkin has been an ardent supporter of Iowa's 13 federally-funded Community Health Centers, obtaining funds for the facilities' construction, equipment purchases, and dental expansions through his work on the Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

2:00pm: Harkin will Present Military Medals to Veterans, American Legion Post #17, 3016 Muscatine Ave, Iowa City.

Harkin, who is a Navy veteran, has been a leader in the Senate in calling on the Department of Defense to improve the process for issuing military medals. These medals are being presented to the families of Kenneth Hein, Harlan Henely, Richard Donegan and Clarence Davis. In 1999 Harkin added an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill that directed the Secretary of Defense to eliminate the backlog in decoration requests. Since then, delays in receiving medals have been greatly reduced.

Monday, August 11th - Bettendorf, Davenport

9:00am: Harkin will visit Eastern Iowa Community College's Nursing Program, 500 Belmont Rd, Bettendorf.

Harkin will visit Eastern Iowa Community College's Nursing Program to discuss how the Senate health reform bill will increase the medical workforce with incentives for more doctors and nurses.

2:00pm: Harkin will Present Military Medals to Veterans at the Center for Active Seniors Inc.(CASI), 1035 W. Kimberly Rd, Davenport

Harkin, who is a Navy veteran, has been a leader in the Senate in calling on the Department of Defense to improve the process for issuing military medals. These medals are being presented to John Bohy, as well as the families of Wayne Simmons and Richard Williamson. In 1999 Harkin added an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill which directed the Secretary of Defense to eliminate the backlog in decoration requests. Since then, delays in receiving medals have been greatly reduced.

Wednesday, August 12th - Storm Lake, Ft. Dodge, Story City

10:30am: Harkin will Attend Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for United Community Health Center, 630 Ontario St., Storm Lake.

Harkin will visit United Community Health Center to discuss progress being made on health reform in Washington and the important role Community Health Centers play in our state.

1:30pm: Harkin will visit Ft. Dodge Community Health Center, 126 N. 10th St., Ft. Dodge.

Harkin will visit Ft. Dodge Community Health Center to discuss progress being made on health reform in Washington and the important role Community Health Centers play in our state.

3:30pm: Main Street Tour, 602 Broad St., Story City

Harkin has secured a total of $55,000 in federal funds to revitalize the Story City Herald Building and the Charlson Buildings. Built in 1898, the Charlson Building, initially known as the Swan Building, has stood as a cornerstone at the center of Story City's downtown district for over 100 years. The funds will be used to renovate the commercial and residential spaces, and put an end to the ongoing deterioration of the building, with a new roof, tuck pointing and the addition of a basement floor. To date, Harkin has secured nearly $4 million for the Main Street Iowa program, which preserves the character and vitality of Iowa's small towns by providing communities with the grants to help revitalize their main streets.

4:00pm: Renewable Energy from the Heartland Event, NextEra Energy Resources, I-35 Business Park (exit 124 off I-35), Story City

Harkin will tour this facility and visit with company and local elected officials about their collaborative work on this project. Harkin will use the opportunity to see the major components of a gear box that generates the power produced in the wind turbines around the state. NextEra Energy Resources, the largest wind and solar energy producer in North America, broke ground on the Generation Repair and Service (GRS) facility in April.

Iowa has been a national leader in renewable energy and green collar jobs. The state currently ranks second in wind energy generation with nearly 3,043 megawatts from 2,136 turbines across the state. Iowa also leads the nation in wind generation as percentage of its total power output at 15 percent.

Thursday, August 13th - Des Moines, Mason City

9:00am: Harkin will attend the Iowa State Fair, State Fairgrounds, Des Moines

Harkin will participate in a number of events at the Iowa State Fair, including serving as a guest chef at the Iowa Pork Producers tent on Grand Avenue at 11 A.M.

5:45pm: Main Street Tour, 7 North Federal Ave., Mason City

Harkin will take a walking tour of Mason City and visit the Parker Opera House, Park Inn Hotel and the Lundberg Building. Harkin has been able to secure a total of $110,000 in federal funds to revitalize the Parker Opera House Building and convert the old Lundberg Building into four residential apartments. Each unit of the Lundberg Building will be equipped with energy efficient equipment, using "green" practices wherever possible for long-term sustainability. To date, Harkin has secured nearly $4 million for the Main Street Iowa program, which preserves the character and vitality of Iowa's small towns by providing communities with the grants to help revitalize their main streets.

In addition to the two Main Street stops, Harkin will visit the Park Inn Hotel and City National Bank site. Harkin secured $393,760 for the rehabilitation of the building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is next to the Park Inn Hotel, the only remaining hotel in America designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Friday, August 14th - Mason City

9:00am: Harkin will visit North Iowa Area Community College, 500 College Dr., 104 H McAllister Hall, Mason City.

Harkin will visit North Iowa Area Community College's Nursing Program to discuss how the Senate health reform bill will increase the medical workforce with incentives for more doctors and nurses.


Des Moines, IA., August 3, 2009 - Today, the Iowa College Student Aid Commission (Iowa College Aid) announced the launch of a statewide community web portal that will help students transition through middle school, high school, college and beyond, as well as provide tools for adults seeking education and employment opportunities.

The statewide community portal,, encompasses career planning features previously offered by Iowa College Aid, along with expanded career and college planning tools and resources; national, state and local scholarships; free access to ACT, SAT and GRE test preparation tools; as well as Iowa employment opportunities.

"The primary objective of the statewide community portal is to provide a streamlined solution for Iowans in every stage of their lives," stated Karen Misjak, Executive Director of the Iowa College Student Aid Commission. "We know that many Iowa families have recently been impacted by layoffs and job loss. Everyone from college-bound students and parents to dislocated workers seeking new skills, employment or education opportunities now have free access to services that will help them plan for their futures."

Free test preparation for the ACT, SAT, and GRE standardized college admissions tests is just one of the new tools available to Iowans at "We believe all Iowans should have the same opportunities to prepare for college entrance exams," said Misjak. "Iowa families can potentially save over $1.5 million if every Iowa high school junior and senior takes advantage of the free test preparation at It is important that all Iowans have a plan to accomplish their college and employment goals. The State of Iowa is committed to providing tools and resources needed to make that a reality."

Future enhancements to the statewide community portal include :
• One common online application for all state-administered financial aid programs.
• Access to the Iowa Department of Education e-transcript process for Iowa students.
• Convenient online college admission applications to Iowa colleges and universities.
• Ability to connect users to current business and industry openings in Iowa.
• Expanded access to services offered by other state agencies.

Middle school students will be able explore their interests and develop a six-year education course plan. High school and college students, as well as adults looking to return to college, will be able to research colleges, prepare for standardized tests, search for scholarships, apply for state aid programs, access their high school transcripts electronically, and ultimately apply for college admission.  Iowans looking for a career change, or in need of additional skills to reenter the workforce, will be able to match their interests and abilities to career options and search for employment opportunities in Iowa. "The possibilities for future additions and enhancements are virtually endless," explained Misjak.
Iowa College Aid has partnered with the Iowa Department of Education, Iowa Workforce Development, along with other state partners to determine if additional state services can be incorporated into the statewide community web portal in the future.  Stop by Iowa College Aid's booth in the Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fair from August 13 - 23, 2009, visit , or call the Iowa College Aid Information Service Center at 1-877-272-4456 for more information about the statewide community portal, as well as other products and services offered by Iowa College Aid.


About the Iowa College Student Aid Commission
As the state's designated guaranty agency for the Family Federal Education Loan Program (FFELP), Iowa College Aid guarantees more than $696 million annually in student loans from private lenders to support over 77,000 Iowa students and parents..  In addition, Iowa College Aid administers state scholarship, grant, and loan forgiveness programs totaling over $69.5 million, provides borrowers with assistance to avoid the serious consequences of default, conducts research and distributes higher education data, and offers Iowans assistance in obtaining student financial aid and college-related information. More information is available at