ImageWhat ever happened to Claudie Smith?
ImageThe Claudie Smith Revue Band has been on break for 3 months. And as it is with all bands..time off can be a bad thing...or a good thing. Drummer Timmy Angel took a job with Minneapolis band Mazerati as a sound engineer. Stoker played in a tribute band. When asked about it, the former Stax Records songwriter just replied; "Painfull..but a guy has to do what he has to do to survive." Word has it that the band is reorganizing and that Smith has once again picked up his guitar. That will be good news to the many that have heard his cutting licks in the past ( as if his voice isn't enough to floor you) Rumor also has it that he may in fact be drumming for the band. When asked what the new band is all about..bassist Wallace McDonald and Guitarist Dewey Lacefield smiled and both replied: " Stay Tuned"