The Real Conspiracy Theorists

Our 1,004th print edition of the River Cities' Reader will be our proverbial last printed words for 2022. Some of the most important words will come from Whitney Webb and Iain Davis expressed in the first of a series of articles: “Sustainable Debt Slavery.”

One year ago, the Reader published Webb's surgical analysis of the merging agendas of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (a.k.a. GFANZ) and the United Nation's COP26 to “create a new system of global financial governance;” and to “erode national sovereignty among developing countries by forcing them to establish business environments deemed 'friendly' to the interests of alliance members.”

One year later, the “The Green New Steal” we featured has marched successfully on. And Whitney Webb, along with Iain Davis, have initiated a new series of articles on the quintessential global agenda that uses the blueprint created via the United Nations Agenda for a 21st Century, or U.N. Agenda 30 for short, established during the 1992 Rio Summit. Those articles to date are published in whole on the following pages.

Progressive globalism finally and irrevocably crawled out of the closet in early in the 21st century, introducing new economic drivers that depart almost entirely from the laws of nature, human rights, and human dignity. Transhumanism and Biomedical Security are two of the largest transformations taking place worldwide through emerging technologies for the centrally-planned new economy. Sadly, instead of advancing Mankind toward greater planetary harmony and peace, this select billionaire group's vision is trying to irreversibly corrupt the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic, eventually eliminating it altogether. But how?

I defer to Webb and Davis to best describe the U.N. Agenda 30 overarching goals, timelines, and myriad dots that require connecting to understand the gravitas and urgency of this existential threat to human self-determination.

The potential disasters associated with the U.N. Agenda 30 blueprint are not overcomable. The Davos cartel knows this, too, so media worldwide has been contracted to manage carefully scripted messaging, coordinated through Progressive organizations such as the Trusted News Initiative (TNI), to convince us otherwise.

Media messaging is hyper-focused on dividing Americans using newly defined mis-, dis-, and malinformation in the public square to achieve public consensus for U.N. Agenda 2030's vision. This messaging is perhaps more dependent on calculated omissions of information, motivating additional collaborations beyond broadcast and print to more directed covert suppression and censorship by government entities and social media.

These internal, destructive and highly illegal private/public partnerships have been exposed via the current lawsuit being heard by SCOTUS, originally brought by the states of Missouri and Louisiana. Discovery has revealed coordinated campaigns initiated by multiple government agents, to suppress any and all competing or contradictory speech no matter how credentialed the speaker, or how accurate, evidence rich and compelling the opposition is to official narratives. This discovery includes partisan political interventions and potential election interference.

Be warned: The logical next step is in the works to criminalize mis- dis- and malinformation, arbitrarily redefined and open to broad interpretation when needed. If such speech qualifies as criminal conduct, it is prosecutable. There is no greater assault on Americans' constitutionally protected rights, or a more egregious violation of any public servant's oath of office to first and foremost defend and protect our Constitution, and by association our inherent rights.

I have said it many times: Politicians, bureaucrats, and now private corporations can violate our rights all day long if we allow it, but they cannot take our rights away. However, by not defending against such violations, individually and collectively as a free society, we can absolutely give away our rights, and that is our real pending doom.

Meanwhile a series of legislative acts and appropriations continue to be passed by Congress without debate or public hearings that are administratively designed to pave the way for transition from a Constitutional Republic to Progressive global governance aka Recolonization. The Smith Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was critical to this agenda because it revoked criminal and civil penalties for propagandizing Americans, permitting government and media to deceive the public for National Security purposes and/or some crafted greater good.

This administrative infrastructure has been in the works since Woodrow Wilson's Administration in the early 20th Century, and is the underbelly by which Progressives are stealthily advancing the U.N. Agenda 30 by triggering social and political chaos in every aspect of our lives from health, education, employment, and finance to transportation, housing, consumer goods and essential supplies. These critical distractions provide messaging opportunities that trigger emotional responses and a growing social anxiety that Progressives are instigating so that U.N. Agenda 30 solutions will be accepted with almost no resistance.

The hidden Progressive agenda developed by the Davos cartel since its inception, at its most devious core, is actually a planetary wide 21st-Century ReColonization (World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab calls it “Economic Transformation”), using the United Nations Agenda 30 blueprint. The blueprint regionalizes Earth, eliminating individual sovereign nations altogether, and dictating worldwide economic activities per region based on availability and access to natural resources (including water, soil, minerals, fossil fuels, etc), human labor, capital (debt enslavement of entire countries, as well as individuals for daily living. Think Hunger Games gone live.

Environmental Social Governance (ESGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) scoring (described in Webb's and Davis' article) is a means of extraordinary surveillance for banks, fund managers, and finance institutions to determine whether the applicant can sustain repayment of the debt, providing wiggle room if the applicant's political and social allegiances align with ESG criteria. It is definitively not whether the debt will measurably decrease the applicant's carbon footprint. If this were true, all the fossil fuel companies would already be cut-off from borrowing operational capital. As it stands, Big Oil and Big Gas are more profitable than ever.

The real agenda behind the current Progressive U.S. energy policies is to allow the oligarchical energy producers to squeeze the thousands of small to midsize U.S. energy producers out of the energy market by imposing burdensome, unaffordable new regulations, creating distribution bottlenecks, input shortages, worker shortages, increased inflation, and limited access to capital. The larger oligarchical energy corporations then acquire the small-to-midsize companies for pennies on the dollar, increasing their market share, while eliminating future competition thanks to government collusion.

U.N. Agenda 30, a.k.a. ReColonization, is redistribution of wealth the old-fashioned way – the rich get richer by unfairly manipulating the economy using the force of government as a resource to advantage its means of production while simultaneously limiting competition. Nothing new about it. It is simple restructuring by aggressive consolidation for market share, increased profitability, and restored control by elite families and billionaires who ache to become trillionaires. Rebranding as green agenda for saving the planet, or social justice for eliminating poverty, or biosecurity for protecting health are all essential marketing deceptions to obscure Agenda 30's underlying purpose to for initial social acceptance worldwide, until eventually what society thinks becomes irrelevant.

Progressive-inspired social-justice warriors assume equity means their standards of living will rise to be equitable with their fellow humans. The truth is that their standards of living will necessarily devolve to achieve equitable outcomes for society at large. It is much easier to achieve equitable lower standards for the masses than it is to achieve equitable higher standards, therefore living standards will continue to descend until equity can be realized. Lovely.

Now that Progressivism, a,k,a, ReColonization, has finally come out of the closet, revealing its regressive policies and goals as a matter of karmic necessity, you are now a conspiracy theorist if you reject any part of U.N. Agenda 30, or you refuse to support suppression and loss of self-determination, or you question or resist self-selected megalomaniacs with no national allegiances, whose core priorities (besides themselves) are to promote vast group ascendance over that of individuals.

You are a conspiracy theorist if you object to government's warrantless 24/7 mass surveillance domestically, especially of law-abiding citizens; or aspire to own private property and build personal financial security; are resolute in protecting all individual human rights, including freedom of speech, religious expression, a free press, free association with whom we choose, the people's access to our government for redress of grievances, and for nothing less than unwavering commitment to due process, acknowledged as having the world's best potential for true justice under the law if enforced properly and applied equally.

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