World Health Organization Director General Tedros Has a Cure for Earth's Humanity - Cartoon by Ed Ne

As 196 member countries prepare for the World Health Organization's (WHO) unveiling of its finalized proposed amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), much controversy and resistance is percolating.

Below are links to Mohamed Elmaazi's coverage of the two-day final hearing held on February 20 and 21, 2024, to decide Julian Assange's fate – whether he will be sacrificed to U.S. extradition for further abuse, torture, and possible death. Or will he be released from the threat of this U.S.-contrived abuse of power and political prosecution?

In Part I of Richard N. Haass' book The Bill of Obigations: The Ten Habits of Good Citizens, the author expresses that there is “mounting evidence that this rights-based democracy is failing.” In its Part II, 10 habits for good citizens are presented as a Bill of Obligations, analogous to the first 10 amendments to the Constitution known as the Bill of Rights. “American democracy will work and reform will prove possible only if obligations join rights at center stage.” The 10 obligations are: Be Informed; Get Involved; Stay Open to Compromise; Remain Civil; Reject Violence; Value Norms; Promote the Common Good; Respect Government Services; Support the Teaching of Civics; and Put the Country First.

Tales from the Uni-Potty: The Morning Constitutional - Cartoon by Ed Newmann

Our February issue provides stories, information, data, and timelines, in the spirit of traditional journalism. Thanks goes to the authors' commitment to rational dissemination of facts instead of emotion-triggering, unproductive opining sans relative details necessary to actually inform the articles, let alone reliable sources for what little factual information might be sprinkled here and there.

In a major victory to protect America’s land and resources, an SEC-proposed rule to authorize the creation of a completely new investment class known as a “Natural Asset Company” (NAC) was withdrawn, after push-back from congressional representatives, state authorities, and the public.

The climate non-skeptics are lulled into hapless orthodoxy, and the skeptics are quieted into non-pa

The article “Why EROEI Matters” by David Turver (Eigen Values, fascinates me. It gets my skeptic up. I won’t upstage Mr. Turver by summarizing it, but EROEI (Energy Recovered On Energy Invested) is a great way to compare the efficacy of energy sources, and his article is an excellent critique of our policy direction. You should read it.

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Intervening in the Illinois Commerce Commission's protocol, via trial by jury, is the best way to stop the carbon dioxide pipeline project.

I'm weary of the vast constitutional violations by government personnel, both criminal and civil, that are going unaddressed primarily due to the public's toleration based upon political considerations that are shallow, mostly manufactured, and grossly derelict in Americans' stewardship of the Republic.

Telling the remarkable life story a Gandhian eco-activist who stood up to the corporate Goliaths of industrial agriculture, rose to prominence in the food-justice movement, and inspired an international crusade for change, the first presentation in River Action's annual QC Environmental Film Series will be screened at the Figge Art Museum on January 22, with the Davenport venue hosting the area premiere of 2022's award-winning documentary The Seeds of Vandana Shiva.

The Real Conspiracy Theorists

Our 1,004th print edition of the River Cities' Reader will be our proverbial last printed words for 2022. Some of the most important words will come from Whitney Webb and Iain Davis expressed in the first of a series of articles: “Sustainable Debt Slavery.”