June 2023 Ed Newmann Cartoon - The Future is Secured

I'm weary of the vast constitutional violations by government personnel, both criminal and civil, that are going unaddressed primarily due to the public's toleration based upon political considerations that are shallow, mostly manufactured, and grossly derelict in Americans' stewardship of the Republic.

I don't care if you love or loathe Biden or Trump, or any of the other deficient two-party choices for president over the past three decades. No single individual can be blamed for the erosion of our constitutional republic. This erosion points to a methodical, organized long game to rid the world of America's constitution and usher in a centralized global governance. Leadership's open abuse of constitutionally protected rights using administrative law and lawfare, corrupt courts, and a captured mainstream and social media deliberately triggers the cultural chaos we are currently experiencing.

This social, economic, and political chaos is the result of textbook tactics (Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, Hitler's Mein Kampf, Marx's Communist Manifesto, Hegel's Dialectic, pick one), specifically designed to destabilize societies and replace governments, making the real seditious conspirators those operatives within our government that despise bottom-up governance, preferring the authoritarian top-down version in which an elite few control all resources and means of production, eliminating competition worldwide for profit and power.

In the 21st century, it is the “Progressive” or “Postmodernism” movement that has infiltrated both political parties, liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans alike, effectively reducing everything to politics via its capture of mainstream and social media. This fascistic socialism is the worst kind of imperialism, where these neocolonizers do all the taking, using indoctrinated useful idiots (until they are no longer useful) to achieve socioeconomic chaos, eventually conquering entire countries by military force and/or asymmetric warfare.

History is rife with examples of megalomaniac devastation and, regardless of the advances in technologies, always works the same: infiltration, indoctrination, elevation of group supremacy for purposes of division, loss of transparency in governance, media capture for suppression, censorship, and dissemination of state-sanctioned propaganda (in America's case, thanks to the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2013 that repealed the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 that otherwise strictly prohibited the propagandizing of Americans by media and government); election interference, control of currencies, arbitrary justice via lawfare and administrative law, economic corruption run amok with private/public partnerships; and social values such as religious beliefs, family orientation, self-preservation, and perhaps the most critical component in any free society: choice, systematically diminished.

America's Republic under a constitutional rule of law is a blueprint for the protection of individual rights by limiting government leaders and personnel from intruding on express rights granted not by any government, but by God. The U.S. Constitution recognizes the relationship between a higher power and the alienable rights that accrue to humanity. If followed as written, the American Republic that respects individual supremacy and equal justice using the presumption of innocence and due process, would flourish as inclusive, compassionate, sustainable, environment-cherishing, where humans can improve by actually evolving versus replacing our species with trans humanism.

Nothing can take away these constitutional protections except amendments ratified by a majority of states. However, these protections can be ignored and our rights violated by bad actors, including predatory Progressives (not liberals or conservatives) as often as we allow them to get away with such betrayals of their oaths (required by law as public servants). It all falls to We the People because if we won't protect our God-given rights by holding government leaders and bureaucrats accountable for violations of their oaths and our rights, then such protections are not truly enforceable and we are lost anyway.

The Progressive insurgency that is afoot must abolish the two core American sovereign principles mentioned above that underpin the U.S. Constitution: (1) Individual Supremacy is the foundational principle from which all equal protections of rights flows, therefore must be replaced with Group Supremacy so that protections of individual rights are no longer the imperative; and (2) Presumption of Innocence, the second foundational principle from which all equal justice flows, must be replaced with the Burden of Proof being incumbent on the accused, fracturing access to anything resembling equal justice. Without these two nonnegotiable principles of Individual Supremacy and Presumption of Innocence as bedrock law of the land, there is no protection of rights, nor true justice, thereby allowing Progressive globalism to proceed.

This constitutional republic has been in process since its founding, getting it right in principle, but often failing in practice. Yet eventually people do get things sorted and move the dial in a righteous direction. This is evidenced with the United States' abolition of slavery more expeditiously than any other country in history. Countless civilizations have engaged in the oppression of fellow humans with slavery and human trafficking, and it continues to this day around the world. Many of the same countries engaged in the slave trade during the 1800s and 1900s, still actively pursue slavery and human trafficking today.

Regardless, Progressives continue to hang the manacle of slavery around America's neck to divide and conquer in pursuit of its agenda of globalization. What kind of governance model is it that prefers to re-elevate the dark past when there is much more light and hope to celebrate, especially the abhorrence of slavery by a super majority of Americans, whose children are color-blind and embrace all races, genders, and creeds, at least we did when we entered the 21st century.

Progressive always becomes regressive, then inevitably oppressive. It is its nature. It must constantly stir the dirt to keep people opposing one another. That negative energy is what powers its core. Examples include the multitude of recent events where individuals have been scheduled to speak on polarizing issues such as transgender, mandated vaccination, school district curricula, but are instead shouted down, megaphones amped up piercingly loud, mobs relentlessly bombarding speakers with repetitive accusations and foul language, hoards of blowing whistles to distract and/or drown out recording of speeches (any tactic to suppress speech is always well supplied). These are all cowardly disruptions, encouraged by organizers because none can make their case in a fair debate of ideas, evidence-based science, ethics, or logic.

One of the rules of the universe is that if you can't articulate your great and passionate support or opposition rationally, instead bleating emotional incoherence, you need to get a different schtick because no one is convinced. I can't think of an authentic activist who doesn’t jump at the opportunity to express their rationale for positions in an effort to persuade others to their viewpoints. Screeching like berserk banshees to oppress speech is a neon red flag that such protesters have no coherent message whatsoever, and don't deserve our serious consideration other than perhaps to hold them to noise ordinances.

Missouri and Louisianan vs. U.S. Government Lawsuit on Widespread Collusion Between Government and Big Tech to Suppress and Censor Speech

Missouri and Louisiana Attorney Generals filed lawsuits against the Biden Administration for colluding with Big Tech (Twitter, Facebook, Google, You Tube, et al) to censor speech of millions of Americans. Emails, documents, and testimonies obtained by Plaintiffs during discovery reveal that the White House, including government agencies such as DHS, CISA, HHS, NIH, CDC, FDA, DOJ, and FBI, all secretly and unlawfully targeted millions of Americans' social media accounts for suppression, censorship, and often cancellation, labeling posts as mis- dis- or malinformation if it differed from official narratives relative to COVID-19, masking, lockdowns and school closings, treatments (Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonine, and antibiotics) versus in-hospital protocols (Remdezivir and Intubation) and/or mRNA injections (Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson); Wuhan lab-leak theory; election interference; January 6 prosecutions; Hunter Biden laptop investigation or lack thereof; climate change; and the Ukraine-Russia war.

Evidence also revealed that Anthony Fauci had lied during his deposition (under oath) no less than 127 times, remedy for which remains to be seen. What is no longer secret is the government's extreme manipulation of information, secret suppression and censorship of everyday Americans that threatened narratives that could not stand scrutiny without exposing their duplicity – activity expressly forbidden in the U.S. Constitution. Government agency personnel cannot engage in unconstitutional activities via collaborations with private enterprises that it cannot engage in on its own. Period. Doing so potentially turns the private enterprises into public actors, exposing them to liability, as well.

What the government tagged as mis- dis- or malinformation, especially relative to COVID-19, was largely factual, provable information with corroborating data. But its more than just suppression afoot. In order to justify blanket intrusions/violations of First Amendment protections, agencies took extreme steps, such as absurdities like the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA, formed under President Trump), designating people's thoughts posted on social media as critical cognitive infrastructure to be regulated for purposes of national security! This designation is so over the top, it triggered a maelstrom of criticism, amply demonstrating the lengths the government will go to to spy, surveil, suppress and control thought and speech.




Meanwhile the deception surrounding COVID-19, facilitated by mainstream and social media cooperating with government, also demonstrated agency personnel's alarming callousness toward human suffering in order to advance political agendas, evidenced by suppressing and canceling the social media accounts of the vaccine injured who were finding support via digital meeting places on Facebook and Twitter to share info and provide friendship and comfort. I encourage readers to review all the court filings for Missouri v. Biden and Big Tech at UndercoverDC, where Tracy Beanz does a professional and poignant job of deconstructing the legalese. Information is power, never forget this universe rule.


World Health Organization (WHO) Advances Global Control of World's Health Crises Management

When I step back for a wider-angled view of things, it does fit that Progressives within our government are influencing policies and programs to advance progressive globalization. Most are only vaguely aware of darker purposes credited to a more exclusive cartel of globally affiliated bad actors operating via public/private partnerships, such as those currently working in seditious concert toward eventual global management of world health emergencies.

The United Nations (U.N.) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have identified world health management as an essential component for globalization and worldwide domination of resources and their uses. As I reported in previous issues, using many of the invaluable resources provided by James Roguski, The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently renegotiating the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) to bind members to these new rules versus as guidance only, ceding sovereign authority of member nations for health emergencies over to the WHO without nations' legislative approval or consent by the governed. Concurrently, the next amended IHR will be tied to the 2024 Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, & Response Treaty, also being negotiated for a May 2024 vote by the 196 member states.


America will have a window of opportunity to decline participation in the amended IHR by rejecting those new amendments within 12 months after adoption by a small cherry-picked delegation (in which there is no participation or input by Congress, therefore no representation of the American people), using authority assigned to this delegation in a previously amended IHR that went unchallenged.

This cannot be allowed to happen again, especially with this much at stake. Notify your legislators (city, county, state and federal) and continue to notify them that you do not consent to this conveyance of sovereign authority to the WHO, demanding proof be provided that the amended IHR has been unequivocally rejected.

Centralized global health management is the key to implementing tracking and tracing of every human being, essential for digital control of all human economic transacting. Fear of consequences from declared health emergencies will trigger mass compliance much more easily as was demonstrated during COVID, especially if mandated by enforceable international law that cannot be appealed.

And health emergencies will broaden to include climate change events. These concepts no longer exist in the shadows as conspiracy theory, instead they are out in the open via studies, simulations, white papers, and strategies for all to embrace as part of the New World Order, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or the Great Reset, pick one.


The funding for this ambitious socialistic fascism is being laundered via developed countries' massive investments in dubious green solutions to the climate crisis; outrageous skimming from financing of strategic territorial wars in the name of democracy, as in Ukraine with Russia, where billions of dollars have already disappeared; and from the National Institute of Health and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) foundation grants, such as those from Bill Gates and the Wellness Trust. Recall that Gates is in the top three largest contributors to the WHO.


Finally, the World Economic Forum (WEF) in league with the world's central banks, including the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements, will herald in salvation from looming worldwide economic collapse. During some preplanned emergency scenario, digital transacting will “appear” for implementation disguised as digital currencies, to restore purchasing power when the dollar and world currencies fail by design – albeit restoration of purchasing power will be limited according to arbitrary rules populaces have no say in.

Durham Report Summarizes the FBI's Gross Negligence and Willful Obstruction of the Law in Operation Crossfire Hurricane

The recently released Durham Report emphasized unlawful conduct in Operation Crossfire Hurricane, with an abundance of evidence that the FBI and DOJ grossly violated the rule of law in collusion with the DNC and Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign to illegally spy on Donald Trump's campaign and, once elected, derail the office of the presidency during Trump's four-year administration, abetting in two impeachments that failed to remove him from office. It didn't stop there. Unethically, and in several cases unlawfully, the FBI continued to interfere with the 2020 election by suppressing evidence relevant to Biden's potential corruption while vice president, colluding with social media platforms to suppress and censor subjectively politicized mis- dis- and malinformation that disagreed or outright opposed its patently false narratives.

Again, loathe or love Biden and Trump, this is abhorrent conduct on the part of the FBI, irredeemably compromising Americans' trust and faith regardless of political allegiances. All sides lose in this politically repugnant game when the beating heart of our republic, fair and free elections, is deliberately and apologetically compromised.

I used to hold FBI leadership accountable for these violative acts until unreasonable and dangerous SWAT raids were deployed against citizens with no criminal history, whether elderly or with small children present. No discernment was used by the myriad of fully armed agents descending upon family homes, bullying these unsuspecting citizens for protesting abortion, or attending Trump's speech at the Eclipse on January 6. After extensive review of the details of these events, including the shameful optics of gear-heads intimidating particularly vulnerable, defenseless “enemies” in diapers and nighties, all sympathy evaporated for any FBI rank and file who would participate in such egregious and dangerous operations that seismically violate civil rights.

This past week, three FBI agents-turned-whistleblowers testified before Congress about the retaliation each was experiencing after reporting violative acts by their superiors [eg: issuing grand jury proceedings against citizens with no predicate(s), ordering SWAT raids even though suspects have agreed to cooperate, etc]. I recommend every American listen or read the transcripts to each of these three FBI agents' stories: Garret O'Boyle's, Stephen Friend's, and Marcus Allen's. A fourth whistleblower, Kyle Seraphin, is equally vested in his convictions, including his oath of office and refusing to compromise his personal integrity or sense of duty.

These gentlemen are measured, composed, articulate, and above all, patriotic in the most honorable sense of the word. The most disheartening question came from Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT), who asked each whistleblower how many FBI agents have expressed support for their actions and for them as fellow coworkers and friends? All three answered none, concluding most were too scared/intimidated to associate themselves with their disavowed comrades-in-arms. Sigh … bullies and chicken littles with the spinal integrity of yarn just doesn't inspire.


After following the chain of command, as dictated by the rules of the road for whistleblowers, these agents have been financially and professionally abused by a systemically corrupt agency no longer worthy of its purpose to protect Americans. They cannot or will not even protect their own.

Now these whistleblowers need our support. Whistleblowers sacrifice everything to do the right thing by all of us out of an uncommon strength of commitment to the U.S. Constitution and rule of law, their own oaths, and our protection. FBI protocol allows vindictive superiors to prevent these whistleblowers from obtaining alternative employment thru the use of security clearance revocation, in a uniquely cruel effort to crush them financially, and of course their families, too. If we civilians can't assist these noble individuals in solidarity, gratitude, and a cheerful 'go kung-foo yourself' for their bosses, then we have lost all civic honor as a people. Gifts can be made to an established GiveSendGo account at GiveSendGo.com/KyleSeraphin.

Department of Justice Capricious Political Persecution

Meanwhile equally seditious and repulsive weaponization of the DOJ by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and team is very real, abusing parents who challenge school district policies, and thousands of innocent January 6 rally attendees and protestors. Most are bullied into guilty pleas to lesser charges to avoid being further victimized with harsher charges and sentences, and additional financial hardships. Where is the justice in an institution that abuses its power using political persecution of innocents, resulting in meaningless, undeserved suffering? All to advance a singular vindictive agenda accusing Donald Trump of seditious conspiracy to derail his presidential bid in the upcoming 2024 election. Durham uncovered most of this twisted corruption, yet made no recommendations in his report for charging any of his former colleagues with a spectrum of violations of their oaths and our rights, effectively joining them under an umbrella of disgrace.





Narratives comprised of provably manufactured evidence continue to prevail despite enormous support by half the country's voters – support that is arguably hyper-amplified in direct response to the relentless victimization of Trump. Shameless mainstream and social media deception, most often originating with agencies' direct participation, whether spin using pretzel logic, blatant false reporting, or endless sins of omission, there is a definite South Park kind of irony in this unintended blowback … if it truly is unintended.

Trump was impeached the first time for purportedly colluding with Russians to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. The provably false dossier that was used as the only tangible evidence of collusion (a mystery in and of itself that such flimsy evidence was allowed to be submitted) was commissioned and paid for by the Clinton campaign, then knowingly attested to by a cadre of decepticons (Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jamie Raskin, John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey ... the list is too long to include all the co-conspirators here), some of whom repeatedly perjured themselves, deceiving the public without remorse for impeaching an innocent sitting president using manufactured evidence, clearly stated as early as page 13 in the Durham Report.


The DOJ relied on manufactured evidence financed by the Clinton campaign, lied to the FISA Court to secure warrants to surveil and spy on Trump's campaign, then later his Cabinet, finally colluding with 51 intelligence officers, including ex-CIA Directors John Brennan, Mike Hayden, and Leon Panetta, and former NI Director James Clapper, all of whom falsely attested to manufactured evidence that had neither credibility nor confirmation, mere weeks before the 2020 Presidential debate to assist Biden.



It is still hard to believe House Democrats (with the exception of four Democrats) voted to impeach knowing Trump was innocent of colluding with Russians to steal the 2016 election from Hillary. Who are the true deplorables here? I can attest that you do not have to love Trump, nor support him politically, to loathe the dirty tactics, the relentless onslaughts and constant conspiring against him, or the unhinged vitriol and systemic unfairness that is permeating and polarizing society, causing an irrational politicization of everything.


Those who loathe Trump will not read the entire Durham Report because they want to maintain their devotion to Trump's guilt, requiring plausible deniability about the guilt of Clinton and company, the DNC, FBI, and the rest of the politio-paths that participated in specific criminal conduct uncovered in the report. Conversely those that love Trump won't read it because they don't need any more convincing that he is innocent, therefore they will never know the true gravitas of what prevailed in this scandal. Both rationales are derelictions of civic duty.

Meanwhile, there is no greater betrayal of Americans, regardless of political affiliation, when law enforcement and public servants pick political sides and persecute their perceived foes. Presidents come and go, but our election system must remain inviolate, our media neutral, and law enforcement loyal to the people first and foremost. We suck it up when our preferred candidates win or lose fairly. But make no mistake: The worm always turns. Cheating, unfairness, and irrational biases, especially those based on manufactured evidence, are fast becoming acceptable in our political and social ethos, dooming us to future leadership that will make this current lot seem like bunny rabbids.

Pfizer Schooled in the Rules of FOIA Disclosure

In an effort to jump-start his Cancer Moonshot Initiative, Biden has nominated National Cancer Institute Director Dr. Monica Bertagnolli. Dr. Bertagnolli and her team(s), according to OpenPaymentsData.CMS.gov, is a Pfizer recipient of $290.8 million in funding for 116 grants between 2015-2022, accounting for 89 percent of her research grants, was also awarded $17.4 million from Janssen R&D, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, among others. Dr. Bertagnolli is the enthusiastic recommendation of Anthony Fauci (evil Dobby) for the new Director of the National Institute of Health (NIH), responsible for allocation of the single largest public health biomedical research fund in the world at $40 billion annually to pet projects (pun absolutely intended). Just what we need, a Big Pharma pre-captured director.


FOIA requests by Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) recently revealed that Pfizer had been dishonest about the actual amount of documentation it has detailing clinical trials for its mRNA vaccines. Pfizer originally told the court it had approximately 450,000 such documents. Joined by the FDA, Pfizer plead for a stay of 75 years to produce that quantity of data due to an unreasonable stress on personnel (and after which the significant number of recipients of their injections would have conveniently passed on). The court refused the request and ordered Pfizer to produce 55,000 per month until the documents were all released, satisfying the court order within two years.

Upon discovery by ICAN attorney Aaron Siri that the actual number of Pfizer's documentation was closer to 1.2 million documents relative to its mRNA clinical trials, ICAN petitioned the court for a new monthly distribution rate that would include the additional 700,000 documents to be released in a timely manner. Simultaneously, Pfizer asked to reduce its monthly documents production from 55,000 per month to 1,000-1,600, demonstrating a remarkable disingenuousness in its willingness to comply.

In response, Judge Mark Pittman wrote in his ORDER the following: “Democracy dies behind close doors.” Detroit Free Press v Ashcroft 303 F. .3d 681 (6th Cir. 2022). “To help prevent that from happening, Congress enacted the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It allows the public access to agency records upon request. Plaintiffs have shown an urgent need to inform the public about the health and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines based on the massive push to vaccinate, persistent effort to eradicate COVID-19, and continued government and private efforts to enforce these vaccines.”


Judge Pittman ordered Pfizer and Moderna to increase their monthly document production to approximately 180,000 documents per month, completing the entire release by June 30, 2025.


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