Protestors supporting Julian Assange (photo by Mohamed Elmaazi).

There Is Still Time to Support and Stand with Julian Assange in His Fight Against Political Persecution and U.S. Request for Extradition

Below are links to Mohamed Elmaazi's coverage of the two-day final hearing held on February 20 and 21, 2024, to decide Julian Assange's fate – whether he will be sacrificed to U.S. extradition for further abuse, torture, and possible death. Or will he be released from the threat of this U.S.-contrived abuse of power and political prosecution?

Elmaazi has covered every proceeding involving the political prosecution of Julian Assange and should be acknowledged for his commitment to a free press, for the stewardship of his craft, and for his perseverance as he navigates the worst of the wolves among us. Additional acknowledgment for earnest and comprehensive coverage of Assange for the past two decades must also include Kevin Gosztola, Glenn Greenwald, and Caitlin Johnstone.

There are many others, but the above four journalists have remained dedicated, relentless in their fight for, and loyalty to, a free press by covering Assange's herculean efforts to inform the world of hard realities about our leaders in hopes of bettering it, and the equally relentless efforts and operations to destroy him by corrupt bureaucracies and politicians.

Again, there are no words big enough to capture the horror of this political vengeance unleashed by a criminal cabal of government and NGO actors (the CIA, State Department under Obama then dropped, but resumed under Trump and continued under Biden, Pentagon, FBI, DNC under Hillary Clinton) against one man, Julian Assange, whose organization Wikileaks provided safe harbor for whistleblowers seeking to expose unethical, illegal, and high-criminal conduct on the part of some in our government's leadership and personnel.

In Assange's case, the release of millions of cables (over time), of which the most damning are described as the Afghanistan logs, the Iraqi logs, the Collateral Murders video, as well as the CIA's 8,761 documents from Vault 7. These Vault 7 documents exposed the CIA's illegal foreign and domestic spying by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement, including several hundred million lines of computer code comprising the entire hacking capacity of the CIA, all of which violated the CIA's charter.

Shockingly, the documents, including 843 attachments, also exposed the CIA's spying on the FBI, DHS, and NSA. It is no stretch, then, to believe it spies on Congress, Cabinet folks, and Executive Branch agency management. It sure would explain a lot. The Collateral Murder video shows a U.S. Apache Helicopter mercilessly gunning down eleven civilians in the street in Iraq, two of whom were Reuters reporters.

February 21, 2024 -- Julian Assange appeal, day two (photo by Mohamed Elmaazi)

It is important to note that Wikileaks has never had to retract a single post since its inception, all are authentic. Charlie Robinson, host of Macroaggressions Podcast (Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, etc.), does a deep dive into the Vault 7 revelations in episode #416, such as the CIA's cyberintelligence hacking network, including its Mobile Devices Branch, Embedded Devices Branch, Network Devices Branch, and Automated Implant Branch. This is serious spyware and has a deep reach into the personal lives of Americans. This intrusive unconstitutional conduct should be every American's concern going forward, inspiring a national effort to put an end to this covert violative conduct.

Even with Wikileaks' release of undeniable evidence of criminal conduct and egregious military rules of engagement, the only two prosecutions were of (1) Josh Shulte, who provided the contents of Vault 7 and was recently sentenced to 40 years in prison; and (2) Then-Brian, now Chelsea Manning, for using top-level security access to download the confidential evidence of war crimes and so much more, then passing it on to Wikileaks for publication so the world would know of the war atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq. Manning was tried, convicted, transgendered from Brian to Chelsea while serving her 27-year sentence. Appropriately, then-President Obama commuted her sentence to time served (seven years), releasing her from prison in May of 2017. Disclosing criminal conduct is protected, regardless of classification status. Manning's disclosures had lower classification status than Daniel Elsberg's Pentagon Papers release(s).

Meanwhile, Julian Assange, as the recipient and publisher (not the hacker) of restricted classified files that were eventually published after Assange's obsessive abundance of caution, extreme vetting, and redaction of any information that might jeopardize, risk, or put in harms way any personnel whatsoever. This vetting was determined to be most successful, confirmed by the release of a secret Pentagon report that concluded with “high confidence” that the released cables presented no threat to personnel, and no incidence of harm had occurred or would likely occur due to Wikileak's releases.

Assange also participated in multiple collaborations with mainstream media partners, including the Guardian and New York Times, to thoroughly vet all cables before release. However, in direct defiance of Assange's stringent security protocols, two reporters blatantly ignored Assange's processes and published an all-tell book before Assange green lighted any releases or posted to Wikileaks. These two opportunists effectively stole the credit for the exposes, garnering Pulitzers for their weasel work. And big surprise, these print media parasites remain unblemished and free from all the prosecutorial abuse still plaguing Assange, even though these posers were actually the first to publicize the logs originally given to Wikileaks.

In the spirit of true professional collaboration, Assange offered the same vetting opportunities to the U.S. government agencies affected by the cables prior to Wikileak's publication, but in typical bad form born of hubris, the opportunities were ignored.

February 21, 2024 -- Julian Assange appeal, day two (photo by Mohamed Elmaazi)

And finally, in this same spirit of cooperative collaboration, Assange offered the codes used to penetrate the security and firewalls used by big tech corporations, most of whom are contracted by government for cybersecurity, so that such vulnerabilities could be plugged and future breaches mitigated. Many companies took him up on his offer and are the more secure for it.

So I ask you: Who are the real dishonorable rats in the woodpiles here? How about then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during the Trump Administration, whose leadership skills are the equivalent of a mean tween girl whose diary was stolen. This endless persecution of Trump can be laid at the doorstep of Pompeo, for whom it is a vengeance tour after Assange published the Vault 7 evidence of the CIA's massive domestic surveillance apparatus to spy on Americans, often sharing and colluding not only with the DOJ, FBI, DHS and Pentagon, but also with private and public NGOs, political enterprises, and big-tech companies, mostly financed using taxpayer dollars.

Whether you are foolishly incurious, mal-informed, or hopelessly apathetic, therefore silent on this critical subject, consider yourself open season for the fallout that follows a rogue government. As for the reprobate reporters worldwide who have abandoned Assange, striking a terrible blow to a free press should Julian be convicted of espionage for publishing war crimes, you are at the mercy of the universe for your betrayal of your craft.

Be crystal clear: Julian Assange is held in Britain's Belmarsh Prison, reportedly a wretched facility by every measure, without a single criminal charge justifying his incarceration. The only charge ever filed against Assange was skipping bail, a ministerial infraction that expired long ago. Effectively, he has been kidnapped by the British government as the enforcer of the U.S. government's illegal operation against Assange.

Julian Assange is not an American citizen convoluting U.S. espionage charges, which are flawed out of the gate, yet U.S. prosecutors have nevertheless refused to guarantee Assange constitutional rights if he is extradited and charged. In other words, he will be criminally charged as a citizen, but not given due process guaranteed to U.S. citizens criminally charged.

Finally, be apprised that the U.S. prosecutors admitted to Britain's court last week that if their request for Assange's extradition to the U.S. is granted, it is possible that he could be found guilty and executed under Capital Punishment. Can you feel the universe shudder at such an aberration?

Julian Assange's U.S. Extradition Appeal Hearing in U.K. Day 1 of 2 by Mohamed Elmaazi for The Dissenter, February 20, 2024

Julian Assange's U.S. Extradition Appeal Hearing in U.K. Day 2 of 2 by Mohamed Elmaazi for the Dissenter, February 21, 2024

Journalism Not a Crime Quite Yet: Julian Assange Wins Right to Have Extradition Appealed in U.K. Supreme Court by Kevin Gosztola for XXX June 2022

Julian Assange Indictment Fails to Mention Wikileaks Video That Exposed U.S. War Crimes in Iraq by Paul Daley for The Guardian June 14, 2020

A New Kind of Tyranny: The Global State's War on Those Who Speak Truth to Power by John Whitehead for The Rutherford Institute, November 2019

The Indictment of Assange Is a Blueprint for Making Journalists into Felons by Glenn Greenwald for The Washington Post, May 28, 2019

Media Masquerading as News by Kathleen McCarthy for River Cities' Reader, January 2021

Debunking the Julian Assange Smears by Caitlin Johnstone June 2019 [MUST READ]

VIDEO: Sex. Lies, & Julian Assange by ABC News' Four Corners, July 23, 2012. This is the first of several ABC News Four Corners videos on Julian Assange. [This first video is exceptional and a reminder of what the mainstream media used to provide, but alas, the following Four Corners reports on Assange get progressively worse, devolving into heavily biased, factless narratives versus this first video's sourced evidence, such as first-hand testimony, corroborating witness interviews, documents, emails, and an abundance of supporting context. This first video does a masterful job of disintegrating the two accusations of rape used to unsuccessfully compel Assange to return to Sweden so that he could be expeditiously extradited to the U.S. with little resistance. Meanwhile, Assange's accusers resolutely withdrew their rape charges, again long ago.]

Julian Assange: A timeline of Wikileaks Founder's Case for BBC, November 2019 [This timeline is comprehensive through 2019, and while the descriptions of events are fairly bare bones without a lot of essential context, this work is extremely useful in putting into perspective the myriad complexities of adversarial actions over a prolonged length of time comprising Assange's brutal saga.]


Climate Update

The infamous “global climate crisis” provides the justification for the new green steal, Biden's domestic energy strategy to transition the American economy from fossil fueled energy to renewable energy.

Why is that, again?

Because carbon dioxide is overwhelming the atmosphere, warming the planet to eventual unsustainability.

And how do we know this?

Because climate scientists have sophisticated computer models that can predict Earth's warming trajectory and the consequences based on the amount and rate of CO2 emissions.


Well so far, not too right. Factually, much closer to wrong. To date, not a single computer model's prediction(s) relative to CO2 emissions resulting in climate change in the form of global warming, especially catastrophic change, has predicted accurately. Not once. In other words, not a single predictive computer model has actually occurred in the physical world.

Whew! Bet they were close, though?

Not even. But how is that possible after two decades of increasingly sophisticated modeling by the most self-acclaimed climate scientists ever assembled to solve for such a singularly existential threat?

Perhaps it is because the modelers haven't corrected for long-established errors, such as the arguably flawed Hockey Stick Theory, whose modeling still omits two of the planet's warmest periods. When the warming periods data is included, the Hockey Stick disappears, and with it the conclusion that excessive atmospheric CO2 is the cause of rising temperatures warming the planet.

Or maybe its the pesky problem of having no representative value for the Earth's lower atmosphere as a an accurate and meaningful input. Using a generic plug-and-play value to account for the essential influence of Earth's lower atmospheric, especially its unique response to increased CO2, continues to plague accurate predictability.

It has just been discovered that most, if not all the predictive computer modeling is not accounting for any cloud cover in measuring warming. Nor is it accounting for the oceans' measures of magnitude more CO2 emissions than that of man-made emissions combined. Plus, there is no accounting for the decades of governments' geoengineering that dumps metal particulates in atmospheric grids via airplanes' aerosol spraying across the skies as part of a bizarre strategy to reflect the suns rays back into space, away from Earth. Never mind the metal particulates eventually drop to Earth, contaminating soil and water sources.

Other significant variables ignored altogether in climate modeling include weather modification and its excessive overseeding clouds to produce rain. Jim Lee, the “Climate Viewer Guy,” maps the polluting occurring worldwide, whose website is a great resource for understanding climate issues beyond just the mainstream narratives; Russia's Project Westford that installed 231 million “needles” into the ionosphere that caused a metal ring around the planet to reflect the sun to atomize the Poles and melt the Arctic ice as part of the ongoing Arctic fracking wars between Russia and the U.S. to access massive oil reserves, as well as clear a northern sea passage; Forest mismanagement and its direct contribution to forest fires which produce huge CO2 emissions, making collective automobile exhaust pale by comparison.

Yet Earth's leaders soldier on, resolute on its people sacrificing their centuries-old ways of life, livelihoods, cultural norms and values, political will, and most importantly, self-determination traditionally achieved through individual choices.

Many examples can be found in the C40 Cities Headline Report authored by ARUP “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5 Degree World” that includes (1) 14 C40 Cities already built in the U.S. and occupancy is growing; (2) targeted goal that limits consumption to 2500 calories per day, 0 meat and 0 dairy; (3) the elimination of home gardens based on absurd claims such as “The carbon footprint of home grown food is 5 times that of larger conventional farms” and “water becomes a greenhouse gas in upper layers of the atmosphere.” Exactly what science informs these seemingly cuckoo claims?


These are just a few of the signals that suggest a rude awakening is lurking that climate change might not be what we've been told. Sadly we have become incurious bobble-heads, rarely questioning any part of the tightly choreographed narratives designed to secure our consent and capture our compliance.

The energy policies afoot, presumably funded by the psychotic $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress in November 2021, are justified by successfully depleting the energy sources that still power 80 percent of everything. Renewable energy unreliably powers the remaining 20 percent. Nearly three years later, there is an abysmal investment and progress toward a renewable infrastructure to meet future green energy demands. So when the fossil fueled energy sources are completely gone or just unavailable sooner than later, what exactly is the plan? Do you know, or ever thought it through?

Epic sacrifice with unprecedented suffering is the plan. Not for the Precious, of course, just for the remaining 99 percent of us, many of whom will be forced to do without much until the renewables' infrastructure is built and operational, approximately 30-50 years from now. Add another 20 years before it is affordable for the average family, if families are still a thing.

At this point in time, throughout the world including America, small and medium energy providers are being forced out of business, as are farmers, food processors, healthcare providers, and hospitals, supplies, and distribution chains, and small to medium financial services are closing or being absorbed by larger operations. The more centralized and combined under one roof critical economic operations become, the more control can be exercised over populations' habits and conduct. None of this is mysterious. It's inevitable when populations cede their authority to others.

Meanwhile Americans are morphing into a kind of 21st-century human Borg, buried in smart devices that deliver social media fixes masquerading as social interaction with others, yet ignoring that those interactions are almost entirely fictional by design. Augmented with relentless sophisticated propaganda that anchors in our subconscious, much via our emotions, the outcome will eventually starve higher-level cognitive capacities into dormancy forever. The growing lack of discernment is already a glaring signal something is amiss with rational processing. And without discernment, many other positive attributes will also fail, such as compassion, kindness, humor, charity, you know the ones that make things better.

I leave you with this thought: What if we are being expertly played? The same bad actors who broke the economy, the climate, and a lot of other things, are the same ones proposing the fixes. Yes, I refer to the Precious, who are expert at Hegelian Dialectic games, where they create the problem then magnanimously offer the solution. And Betty bar the door, the Precious are getting exponentially wealthier than the last time they played us. The curious thing is why we always look to the ones who broke things to fix them. They never do. So why do we continue to expect it?


CISA's Seven New Election Security Advisors and the Resurrected Election Integrity Partnership

The Cybersecurity Information Security Agency (CISA), assigned to DHS' purview, is structured as a workaround to engage in activities otherwise restrained, even prohibited, to government by the U.S. Constitution. CISA determined the 2020 to be the safest and most secure election in history, arguably prematurely as many irregularities continue to present (

The Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), established in 2020 to detect and rout disinformation relative to the 2020 election, has been resurrected for the 2024 election, undermining confidence in CISA's neutrality in overseeing elections. This lack of confidence stems from EIP's collaboration with mainstream and social media to censor opposition to mail-in ballots despite knowing the grave risks. (

And now comes the new team of seven Election Security Advisors, most of whom are present or former board members of ERIC. The Election Registration Information Center. ERIC is in charge of a state's voter registration rolls, making it exceedingly curious that when submitting new registrants to be added to the roles by ERIC, states are forbidden to include the registrant's citizenship status in the submission. Why might that be?

Since 2020, CISA has heavily invested tax dollars in the “censorship industry,” a growing economic sector comprised tech companies with specific skill sets and tools, “capacity building” using a network of NGOs and private citizens to “civically listen” to identify and censor opposition online that disrupts the sanctioned narratives.

According to Mike Benz, former U.S. State Dept Communications Analyst and founder of the Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO), considered one of the leading experts on government Internet surveillance and censorship, identified a sea change in the definition of “Democracy” that underpins much of the federal bureaucracies' justification for its questionable policies and programs. Policies and programs that often openly violate individual constitutionally protected rights, such as censoring opposition to mail-in ballots using AI, simultaneously violating the First Amendment protection against government intrusion on free speech.

In riveting interviews with both American Thought Leaders' Jan Jekielek, and Tucker Carlson on X, Benz explains how AI algorithms prevented the majority of the public from seeing most of the independent media's coverage of Julian Assange (mainstream media ignored Assange's ordeals much of the time). He also explained the new operational definition of 'democracy' from that of representative governance based on elections by voters for governance that protects individual constitutional rights to one of representation of democratic institutions that preserve institutional democracy.

Well, that certainly would change the game! Unfortunately, no one informed Americans this definition change has occurred.

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