“42nd Annual High School Art Invitational" at the Quad City Arts Center Gallery through May 2.

Through Thursday, May 2

Quad City Arts Center Gallery, 1715 Second Avenue, Rock Island IL

Works by dozens of the area's most gifted young artists are currently on display at Rock Island's Quad City Arts Center Gallery, with the 42nd Annual High School Art Invitational, through May 2, showcasing an assemblage of paintings, drawings, sculpture, metals, ceramics, photography, and film from newly award-winning student talents.

The following citations were awarded at the exhibition's Quad City Arts Center Gallery reception on April 4:

Senior Scholarship sponsored by the Morency Family Foundation and an anonymous sponsor: Emma Dominicus, Central High School; Senior Scholarship sponsored by the Deere Employees Credit Union and an anonymous sponsor: Maysun Sallak, Bettendorf High School; Best of Show sponsored by Judi & Kent Pilcher: Sophie Curtis, Pleasant Valley High School; Don Heggen Memorial Award for excellence in watercolor: Angel Simpson, Rock Island High School, and Jei Valle-Riestra, Pleasant Valley High School; The Most Creative Concept Award sponsored by Joel & Diane Franken: Emma Dominicus, Central High School.

Juror’s Choice Awards for artistic excellence: Alexis Patterson, Davenport West High School, Laila Haley, Sherrard High School, Breanna Thomas, Davenport West High School, Grace Martin, Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy; Dr. Alexander and Norma Locascio Award for Imagination: Kylie Clements, United Township High School; “The Most Whimsical Award” sponsored by Charles White: Braden Yudis, Sherrard High School; The Cutting Edge Awards sponsored by Cutting Edge Productions: Vi Le, Davenport West High School, Karlenia Hildebrant, Davenport North High School.

42nd Annual High School Art Invitational at the Quad City Arts Center Gallery through May 2.

“Excellence in Clay” sponsored by Marilyn Davis: Aleah Beecher, Davenport Central High School; Deborah Doehler Studio Award for Jewelry: Christopher Gillespie, Davenport West High School; Excellence in Photography Award sponsored by Jack Wilhoit: Odin McDonald, Pleasant Valley High School, Cameron White, Davenport West High School; The Natural World award sponsored by Ralph Iaccarino: Destiny Findley, Davenport North High School; Carlos Centore Awards for Excellence: Shroeder, Davenport Central High School, Elise Fippinger, Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy; Zimmerman Honda Award: McKenzie Borden, Bettendorf High School, Adam Jasper, Davenport North High School.

Living Lands & Waters Award for use of recycled materials: Ali Cato (1st place), Moline High School, Jacob Hanson (2nd place), Sherrard High School; Quad City Arts' Staff Award: Alizabeth Norman, Moline High School, Lois Blackman, Davenport Central High School; Quad City Arts' Director’s Award Sponsored by the Butterworth Foundation: Kaylee Cornwell, Bettendorf High School; Hilltop Campus Village Award: Branden Leon, Davenport Central High School; Jane Crouch Memorial Award: Abbey Fisher, Davenport North High School; Award for Compassion Sponsored by Sherre A. Hunter: Ashtyn Hutcheson, Bettendorf High School; Award for Watercolor Sponsored by Judy Heath: Emma Doyle, Bettendorf High School; All Things Apple Award: Austin Leuenhagen, Davenport West High School.

artwork by David Schaeffer from Davenport North High School in the 42nd Annual High School Art Invitational at the Quad City Arts Center Gallery through May 2.

Awards for excellence in film sponsored by Dphlims: Nicolas Zepeda, Davenport Central High School, Nicholas Nguyen, Davenport North High School; The Mississippi Valley Woodcarvers Award: Isabelle Critten, Davenport Central High School; Left Bank Art League Scholarship Awards: Mya Diabira, Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy, Emma Johnson, Bettendorf High School, Laniyah Bond, Mid City High School; The Rock Island Art Guild Members’ Selections in Sculpture: Whitney Flaugh, Rock Island High School; in Painting: Ashley Endorf, Bettendorf High School; in Drawing: Hope Vanpatten, Davenport Central High School; in Photography: Aiden Rushing, Davenport West High School; Teacher’s Awards: 1st place: David Schaeffer, Davenport North High School; 2nd place: Nick DiGioia, Davenport Central High School; 3rd place: Bill Gustafson, Rock Island High School.

The 42nd Annual High School Art Invitational will be on display at the Quad City Arts Center Gallery Tuesdays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., admission is free, and more information is available by calling (309)793-1213 or visiting QuadCityArts.com.

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