Kimberly Burnett's "Öxaráfoss" in “Burnett, Erickson, & Kuhlman" at the Quad City International Airport Gallery -- through March 4.

Through Monday, March 4

Quad City International Airport Gallery, 2200 69th Avenue, Moline IL

Inviting and arresting works by a trio of gifted Midwestern artists – two from Wisconsin, the other from Illinois – kick-start the 2024 exhibition season at the Quad City International Airport Gallery through March 4, with the Moline airport's Burnett, Erickson, & Kuhlman exhibit showcasing paintings by Kimberly Burnett of Milwaukee, stone sculpture by Joel Erickson of Moline, and drawings by Matt Kuhlman of Milwaukee.

Kimberly Burnett is a contemporary artist whose work combines traditional mediums and techniques with her own subjective experience. She begins each piece rooted in a sense of reality before adding her signature saturated hues or “pixels” of color. In fact, color plays a large role in her work, as Burnett values her unique interpretation of her subjects beyond mere representation.

Joel Erickson's "Ciao"

Joel Erickson has shifted mediums throughout his career – from metals, to clay, and now to stone – crafting organic forms using curved planes. His stone artworks feature interlocking forms guiding the viewer’s gaze up, down, and around his pieces. Erickson also takes care to make his work appear light through a clever play of shapes despite the weightiness of his materials.

Matt Kuhlman creates art that focuses on the interplay between order and disorder. His colored pencil pieces use simple lines which shift from densely packed strokes of color to areas of negative space. Kuhlman seeks to create dynamic yet balanced compositions in this way, while his history of marks invites viewers to look between each layer while taking in each piece.

Matt Kuhlman's "Emergence"

These artists may not share a common aesthetic, but upon further investigation one can see relationships. Burnett’s clouds pair well with Erickson’s organic forms in marble. The contrast between the straight lines of Kuhlman’s work and the curved planes of Erickson’s sculptures creates visual interest. Burnett’s vibrant colors, meanwhile, accentuate Kuhlman’s more subtle tones.

The Quad City Arts International Airport Gallery is located opposite the airport's gift shop and restaurant, there is a $1 fee for parking, and more information on the Burnett, Erickson, & Kuhlman exhibit on display through March 4 is available by calling (309)793-1213 and visiting

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