The Augustana Teaching Museum of Art

Friday, August 25, through Saturday, October 28

Augustana Teaching Museum of Art, 3703 Seventh Avenue, Rock Island IL

Augustana College's first art exhibition of its 2017-18 school year finds dozens of contemporary artists and poets responding to the history of multiracial coalitions – including the Rainbow Coalition, the Young Patriots Organization, and the Black Panther Party – that have organized against racism, poverty, and oppression.

Curated by Daniel Tucker, this touring exhibit features works in artistic mediums including prints, paintings, photography, and the written word. In Social Text Journal, author Toby Lee described the exhibition as one that explores and celebrates “the power of people getting together to mobilize around shared demands. Such collective mobilizing tends to bring to mind the consonance that 'togetherness' usually evokes. What is the sound of people getting together? We often think of voices rising in protest, in unison, in concert. But what if our ears were attuned instead to the dissonant hum of everyday organizing?”

Related programming for the Organize Your Own exhibit includes a 5 p.m. opening reception on August 25 (featuring a 6 p.m. poetry reading held in collaboration with the Midwest Writing Center), and a pair of Rainbow Coalition Round Table discussions on August 30 and September 28. For more information on Organize Your Own: The Politics & Poetics of Self-Determination Movements and other events at the Teaching Museum of Art, call (309)794-7236 or visit

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