Sara Slee Brown's "Warehouse Diner" at MidCoast at Bucktown -- October 13 through November 25.

Friday, October 13, through Saturday, November 25

MidCoast at Bucktown Gallery, 225 East Second Street, Davenport IA

Images by Sara Slee Brown that take viewers one step out of reality will be displayed from October 13 through November 25, allowing MidCoast Gallery at Bucktown visitors a wholly original perspective on diners, phone booths, and other seemingly blasé elements of daily life.

Slee Brown received her M.A. (in 1980) and M.F.A. (in 1981) in Painting from the University of Iowa. But after working in an Iowa City library as a clerk and graphic designer for 20 years, she changed her choice of media to explore a process she invented that results in artistically layered digital expressions.

Her artistic statement explains that Slee Brown starts with straightforward photographic images: “The foundation of the work is built on familiar, realistic people, places or things. This represents for me the known in our world.” After finding the base, she then uses graphic design to alter the images, making them less familiar. As she prints and applies her photos to surfaces, the images are further changed by cutting and layering different sections, and Brown describes the finished products as “a new reality, which may not be as easily understood but nevertheless exists.”

Sara Slee Brown's exhibition reception will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. during Bucktown's Final Friday event on October 27, and more information on the exhibit is available by calling (563)424-1210 or visiting

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