Life, Third Place - Roșca Lucian Andrei.

Many thanks to all who entered the River Cities' Reader’s Spring 2021 Photo Contest for which we received entries in the categories of "Life," "Liberty," and "The Pursuit of Happiness." Here are our winners and favorites. Thanks to all who submitted!

Life, Third Place - Roșca Lucian Andrei from Bârlad town, Romania - "When spring comes again , it means that all the nature comes to life again: astonishing flowers enchant our heart, melodious birds enchant our ears, the mild wind is there to save us from the warm Sun. But, first and foremost, spring means life in the form of flowers...Enjoy their smell and infinite colors!”

Pursuit of Happiness, Second Place - Terry Masek, "This shot of a sunset behind the new Route 74 bridge was taken from the Ben Butterworth Parkway in Moline. It’s a view that shows one the moments that makes life worth living."

Life, Honorable Mention - Terry Masek, "Sunset through the trees in the fall of the year. End of a season; end of a day."

Pursuit of Happiness, Third Place - Thomas Paine (Lopiez Pizza One Year Anniversary Party August 2, 2020), "Live wrestling, live punk rock music, great NY style pizza and locally brewed Wake beer is all about Happiness."

Life, Second Place - Debbie Schroder: (February at Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, Alabama) - "This really brightened my day after the long gray days of winter and the Covid-19 Pandemic."

Liberty, First Place - Sebastiana Freiburg (June 2019 Pride Parade Downtown Rock Island), "The liberty to be free, as you are!"

Pursuit of Happiness, First Place - Christian Greenwood: (My 1971 VW Beetle) - "My first car. I’m the third owner. It is my passion my everything."

Liberty, Second Place - Thomas Paine: (WE F.I.G.H.T. 2nd Amendment Rally at Davenport City Hall October 2020) - "Peaceful exercising of all rights is pure liberty. WE F.I.G.H.T, started in Davenport in 2020 stands against fascism, injustice, gun restrictions, hate, and tyranny."

Life, First Place - Dr. Sayali Katkar from Germany (Picture of Spring Hope), "Wish the innocent can smell the fragrance and aroma of life again. May Corona come to an end. May every life breath the air freely like before. Cherry blossoms. Spring brings hope, beauty, and positivity to life." 

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