Adolph Rosenblatt. American, 1933-2017. Kids Making Art, 1997. Painted ceramic. Figge Art Museum, Gift of the artist, 2018.21.2

Thursday, October 21, 6:30 p.m.

Presented by the Figge Art Museum

A fascinating discussion on the various techniques and production processes used to create spectacular pieces in the Davenport venue, the Figge Art Museum's virtual artist talk on October 21 will find curator Joshua Johnson taking an in-depth look at key art in the popular exhibit Dimensional: 3D Works from the Figge Collection, a showcase for the talents of dozens of gifted artisans spanning literal centuries.

With the exhibition sponsored by Mark and Barbara Zimmerman, the artworks featured in Dimensional: 3D Works from the Figge Collection range from those carved by artisans from ancient Rome all the way to contemporary assemblages created by living artists. The exhibition is organized according to the four predominant methods of sculptural production: carving, modelling, casting, and assembly. This allows comparisons of technique across time period and materials, creating an in-depth look at the trajectory of sculpture through the lens of the museum’s collection.

Among the talented artists and craftspeople whose works are on display in Dimensional: 3D Works from the Figge Collection are: Douglas Abnell (Eatraux-Kryad); John Ahearn (Big Chief; Mad Crystal); Humbert Albrizio (The Muse); Osar Alford (Mallard Pair); Jean Arp (Pistil); Isabel Bloom (Untitled: Tentacle); John Bloom (Woman Washing Hair); John Buck (American Babylon); Joy Cain (Untitled: blackware vowl); Henry Dreyfuss (Dry Iron Model 010); Charles Eames (Untitled: Leg Splint); Erickson (Fulcrumed Extrusion #2); John Flannagan (The Fawn); Roger Francois (Nude; Nude with Child); Steve Gerberich (Judy); Vanessa German (we are the animals are us); Jane Gilmor (Jack's Weeds II); Jean Graham (Autumn Pot #9); William Hawkins (Columbus Skyline); Carl Jennewein (Child & Dolphin); Serge Jolimeau (Les Deux Sorcieres); Susan Kemenyffy (Untitled); Alois Kronschlaeger (Overhang); William Lasansky (Pawn); Barbara Lekberg (Lazarus); Georges Liautaud (Girl Reading); and Robert Lipnick (Spice Box).

The exhibit also features fascinating 3D works by: Erik Maakestad (Umptanum Cowgirl); Alain Mailland (Marylin); Nan McKinnell (Bottle); Clement Meadmore (Sophisticated Lady maquette); Mariene Miller (Girl I); Matas Norkus (Untitled: Violin with animal and strapwork marquetry); Abbott Pattison (The Charioteer); Michael Peterson (New Terrain); Gilbert Rohde (East India Laurel Group Desk #3458); Aurora Robson (Ganglia); Robert Rohm (Untitled: Double Flaps); Rookwood Pottery Company (Matte Green Stylized Tulip Vase); Adolph Rosenblatt (Kids Making Art); Jo Sandman (Untitled: Continuities series); Italo Scanga (Desolate Winds); Vladimir Shakov (Sibyl); Steve Sinner (Ant Farm III); Nancy Slagle (Red Bud Tea Pot); Paul Soldner (Untitled: vessel); Lino Tagliapietra (Uovo Alchimico I); Remi Verchat (Untitled); Tom Voss (East by West); Kem Weber (Pair of “Airline” Armchairs); Josiah Wedgwood & Sons (Wedgwood, Jasperware); Grant Wood (Small Copper Tea Kettle); and Francisco Zuniga (Untitled: Seated Woman). The Figge's exhibit also boasts roughly a dozen additional works by unidentified artisans spanning back to ancient Rome.

Joshua Johnson's virtual curator talk starts at 6:30 p.m. on October 21, and while participation is free, advance registration is recommended. The Dimensional: 3D Works from the Figge Collection exhibit will be on display through January 16, and more information is available by calling (563)326-7804 and visiting

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