“The Warner Foundation Collection: History in the Painting" at the Figge Art Museum -- through June 30.

Through Sunday, June 30

Figge Art Museum, 225 West Second Street, Davenport IA

Providing insight into our country’s past through the work of revered American artists including Thomas Cole, Severin Roesen, Albert Bierstadt, and John Frederick Kensett, the touring exhibition The Warner Foundation Collection: History in the Painting will be on display in Gallery 206 of Davenport's Figge Art Museum through June 30, the engrossing exhibit's foundation dedicated to promoting an understanding of American history through American art.

Drawn from the collection of the Warner Foundation, the artworks showcased in History in the Painting range from bountiful still-lifes to awe-inspiring landscapes and reflect 19th-century society and culture. Ideas surrounding national pride, agricultural growth, the rise of the middle class, and westward expansion are currently being explored through these paintings, and show how understanding our past is integral to moving forward. Educational programming, including a keynote lecture and mobile audio tours, has also been created for the exhibition, and History in the Painting is organized with the assistance of graduate students in the Museum Studies Program at Western Illinois University.

The Warner Foundation continues the legacy of Jonathan “Jack” Warner in utilizing American Art as an important vehicle for teaching American History. The mission of the Warner Foundation is to promote an understanding of American History and its relevance to controversial issues through art exhibitions and programs that promote meaningful dialogue and rekindle a spirit of tolerance and hope in our society. The Warner Foundation believes that Americans will make better, more informed decisions about their future if they have a solid understanding of their past. The Foundation sponsors art exhibitions and related programming that engage audiences and stimulate dialogue on important topics that often divide our nation today.

As expressed at WarnerFoundation.org, "Art represents a promising medium to engage audiences on vital but controversial issues that need to be addressed today. By stimulating dialogue and discussion in a neutral, welcoming environment, our programs seek to promote tolerance and understanding of the diversity of opinions that exist. The viewing of art encourages viewers to think for themselves and to bring their personal experiences to bear when interpreting visual stimuli. There are often no right or wrong answers when responding to art ... only a sharing of insights and empathy for the experiences of others. Viewing art has the capacity to make us a better society!"

The Warner Foundation Collection: History in the Painting will be on display in the Davenport venue's Gallery 206 through June 30, with regular museum hours 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays (10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays) and noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Museum admission is $4-10, and more information is available by calling (563)326-7804 and visiting FiggeArtMuseum.org.

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