MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (October 11, 2021) — In 1987, Monmouth College literature and language professor Israel Rolon-Barada had a magical moment. While pursuing his master's degree at Georgetown University, he attended a talk given by Spanish author Carmen Laforet. The event would change the course of his academic life and Laforet's literary legacy.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (10/06/2021) — Responding to a growing demand for leaders in the health professions, Monmouth College will begin a major in health science and human movement.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (September 30, 2021) — In the midst of all this summer's fanfare tied to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, another important international event occurred on the other side of the Pacific Ocean: The South American nation of Peru celebrated the 200th anniversary of its independence on July 28.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (September 29, 2021) — A former Fighting Scot who also coached the Prairie Fire and has children who are a Kohawk and a Ram has written the definitive book on D3 nicknames.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (September 28, 2021) — The eighth edition of Monmouth College's FusionFest will literally pay tribute to the classics.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (September 21, 2021) — This fall's Family Weekend at Monmouth College will hold a special meaning, as students welcome their families to campus for a variety of activities September 24-26.

Daniel Hintzke ('18) was part of the "immersive experience" at a past Classics Day on the Monmouth College campus

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (September 17, 2021) In ancient Rome, V plus VIII added up to XIII.

On October 2 on the Monmouth College campus, Classics Day V plus FusionFest VIII will equal an entertaining day for the campus and local community.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (September 7, 2021) — Simply put, September 11, 2001, is the day the world changed.

That will be a point made, among many, during "9/11: Twenty Years Later," a Monmouth College panel discussion at 7PM, September 14, in Mellinger Commons on the lower level of the Center for Science and Business.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (August 31, 2021) — In its third year, Monmouth College's Latin American and Latino Film Festival will explore issues of immigration.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (August 24, 2021) — Monmouth College's Illinois Gamma chapter of the national men's fraternity Phi Delta Theta received several national honors at the organization's 83rd General Convention, held last month in Pittsburgh.